Partners and submissions

Reaper Minis Centaur showcased in Skulldred
Skulldred and its expansion books are designed to be filled with sexy, full color images of minis.  Rather than hogging it for Darkling miniatures, we have opened up the project and invited all our fave indy miniature makers as a place to showcase their coolest stuff!

Right now our partner companies include (in no particular order) Reaper, Otherworld, Heresy, Hasslefree, Splintered Light, Mirliton (Grenadier), Iron Wind Metals (Ral Partha) and many more.

Partner companies can get involved in many ways, from providing showcase ima
ges of painted figures, full showcase pages, ad space, providing demo board minis and giveaway prizes.  We have also started to put together Skulldred Warband deals with crosslinks and pre prepared stat cards on the Skulldred Website.  The idea is to be interconnected so that Skulldred players can quickly get to products they fancy from one central place.

All Skulldred books feature detailed miniature indexes, allowing readers to find the figures shown throughout the book- from company, sculptor, painter and link.  Each point update will feature updated showcase pages, allowing companies to update their latest products too.  Nice.

If you would like your products showcased, or would like to submit photographs of painted minis to advertise your painting service (or just show off) we would love to hear from you.  Send an email to davideking(at)gmail(dot)com with SKULLDRED PARTNER in the title!