Monday, May 8, 2017

Skulldred Kickstarter Plans

The Hey Dredlings,

  Over the coming months I will be building a Kickstarter to allow me to focus solely on Skulldred and bring it to publication.
  As you may know, life has been an unending series of challenges for me over the last three years, and my focus has been on finding housing and full time work.  Sadly, the Australian games industry just hasn't been able to deliver, and political situations overseas have made it impossible for a woman like me to relocate to where the industry is more healthy.
  Having resurrected the project for GXAustralia and received a huge support via Twitter, I have realized that this is a special opportunity.  By focusing on a kickstarter, I can be able to raise the money I need to put a roof over my head and work full time for a few months on bringing this game, it's expansions and miniatures to life.  It should be sufficient to turn my life around.

So I thought I would start with some penciled in goals- love to hear your thoughts in the comments:

Things I know I can achieve without physical studio space:

PDF only goals:
  • The Skulldred Core Rulebook PDF
  • Expansion 1: Battle for Spited Woods PDF (scenario campaign, including pogs, papercraft minis, printable scenery)
  • Expansion 2: 6 Pints of Skulldred - Tavern Brawl Rules PDF- tavern floorplans, pogs, papercraft minis, cards
  • Expansion 3: Bride of Skulldred- more advanced optional rules, campaign rules, golems, larger scale combat, more spells, loot
  • Expansion 4: Slave To Skulldred- single player rules and missions, wandering monsters cards
  • Expansion 5: Skullcraft- modelling, painting, scenery ideas, making dungeons, converting minis

Physical products 1: - requires physical studio space.
  • The Skulldred Core Rulebook - full color Hardcopy book
  • Deluxe Skulldred Core Rulebook Hardcopy - signed and numbered run with limited edition cover.
  • Official Action Dice: etched d6
  • Skulldred Dice Set:  Custom hit dice, Spell dice and Action dice
  • Skulldred laser cut counters, measuring sticks (15 & 28 scales)
  • Skulldred Art Pencil Case with dice, sticks and counters.
  • Skulldred Limited Edition 'Ace of Dread' miniature.
  • Skulldred Limited Edition 'The Darkling' miniature.
  • Skulldred personalities: metal mini boxed set
  • Art of Skulldred collectors prints - signed and numbered
  • Art of Skulldred Posters
  • Spited Wood miniatures Set - Ars Ende Faction- Dwarves, Snow Wight, Huntsman, Ogre, imps
  • Spited Wood miniature Set - Goblins of Spited Wood faction - queen, champion, bugbears, wretches

Physical products 2: requiring warehouse space, studio space, hirelings, distribution.
  • Boxed Set - Including quality hard box, rulebooks, custom dice, counters, cards, foam insert for storing your own warband.
  • Deluxe Boxed Set- As above but with metal miniatures, scenario books, punch scenery.
  • 4'x4' Terrain mat
  • Gaming mat- slots for damage dice, cards, buff dice and reserve zones
Physical Products 3: plastics
  • PVC Plastics Range- faction boxes containing modular PVC components.
  • Ready-to-play boxed Set- pvc minis, pvc loot, pvc scenery, board scenery, rules, dice, all rulebooks- suitable for game stores.
Think that is a pretty good first pass.


  1. I'd advised to keep it simple and maybe start small. You are launching a brand new game and people will hesitate to get one million suppements right away.
    Maybe the core game and a couple supplements (physical and PDF), dices and counters and some art as add-ons would suffice. Also keeping a limited scope will grant a shorter delivery time and minimize delays, allowing you to make a name for yourself for more kickstarters.

  2. Interesting. Waiting to see it. I saw you had a Stretch Goal on the Ghosts of Gaia KS ;)

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