Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Update and the mysteries of mailmerge pdffery

Hey Dredlings, just a quick update on the mighty, mighty beta 3.3.
Well, its ready to release, and I think I have found a pdf plugin for the export of individualized watermarks. The official Acrobat / word combo just flat out died doing the mail merge only two copies in. Sigh.
So fingers crossed the plugin works tonight, otherwise I will have to manually distribute them. Uhg.

Here is an overview of what to expect:

Portals handled differently- 2pips to place 1, but you can use for area effect spell immediately with the next pip. Portals are easily dispelled. More like spell effect markers now.

Magic dice called power and is used for both resisting spells and spell casting.. Negative power acts as magic resistance dice. (eg -3 is 3 dice).
Magic Focus dice charged up 1 pip each and act as bonus dice for spells and spell saves. Moving faster than creep loses your charged dice.
Each spell has a level, which is your target number.
Magic users don't run out of juice entirely now. High combat does not make one immune to magic.

'To wound' box added to total size plus armor.
Win by 1 = repel.
Win by 2+ = advantage: choose repel, swing or disengage.
Win by 'To Wound' (size plus armor): wounding blow. This kills unless you place a dreadskull marker next to model to indicate a wound.
Win by double wound score- instant kill.
Models fall unconscious (downed) when wounds greater than size.
Dropped guard doubles damage.
On a draw, attacker repelled.
Size 2 is human.

Temp art layout; the book is full color a5, with a temporary layout using images sent in by contributors and roughed in artwork- so its prettier than your usual playtest. This is because I am using it to attract artists and mini companies to contribute to the series. I will also release an art free a4 black and white version for printer friendly play testing.

Separate a4 fold over cover art: a bum free version and a red box homage version.

All new PSD and GIMP character cards. Again, bum free- this time the sex appeal is from a faux leather embossed back.

Simple ruler system: 1 span = 3 regular bases (3"). Range stick is 10 bases with a mark halfway (5).