Saturday, November 17, 2012

New free version

Hey Dredlings,
  Well since the mailmerge of heavy documents is holding everything up, my plan is to bash together a new free download 3.3 edition with just the core rules and only some of the diagrams and a subset of the magic, items and abilities.
That way everyone can download them directly from here and get on with playtesting the core system. Once I can mailmerge safely I will distribute the full beta edition- (lets call that beta 4.0 )to all the registered members for the final touches, exact wording and layout of the book.

Right now I am copying everything back into an open document format A4, printer friendly book. The final release rulebook is still planned as a full color A5 booklet.

On the visual front I have been beavering away on the photo models ready for the oodles of photo diagrams and examples I plan to cram into the book.

The backdrop is not finished, but you get the idea.
On my painting table is a couple of Splintered Light warbands- Undead and Woodland folk ready for the fifteen mil pics.
I also have a lovely handful of Dwarves and Amazons from Hasslefree, my own new Dwerg and Mirliton Barbarians up next.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Update and the mysteries of mailmerge pdffery

Hey Dredlings, just a quick update on the mighty, mighty beta 3.3.
Well, its ready to release, and I think I have found a pdf plugin for the export of individualized watermarks. The official Acrobat / word combo just flat out died doing the mail merge only two copies in. Sigh.
So fingers crossed the plugin works tonight, otherwise I will have to manually distribute them. Uhg.

Here is an overview of what to expect:

Portals handled differently- 2pips to place 1, but you can use for area effect spell immediately with the next pip. Portals are easily dispelled. More like spell effect markers now.

Magic dice called power and is used for both resisting spells and spell casting.. Negative power acts as magic resistance dice. (eg -3 is 3 dice).
Magic Focus dice charged up 1 pip each and act as bonus dice for spells and spell saves. Moving faster than creep loses your charged dice.
Each spell has a level, which is your target number.
Magic users don't run out of juice entirely now. High combat does not make one immune to magic.

'To wound' box added to total size plus armor.
Win by 1 = repel.
Win by 2+ = advantage: choose repel, swing or disengage.
Win by 'To Wound' (size plus armor): wounding blow. This kills unless you place a dreadskull marker next to model to indicate a wound.
Win by double wound score- instant kill.
Models fall unconscious (downed) when wounds greater than size.
Dropped guard doubles damage.
On a draw, attacker repelled.
Size 2 is human.

Temp art layout; the book is full color a5, with a temporary layout using images sent in by contributors and roughed in artwork- so its prettier than your usual playtest. This is because I am using it to attract artists and mini companies to contribute to the series. I will also release an art free a4 black and white version for printer friendly play testing.

Separate a4 fold over cover art: a bum free version and a red box homage version.

All new PSD and GIMP character cards. Again, bum free- this time the sex appeal is from a faux leather embossed back.

Simple ruler system: 1 span = 3 regular bases (3"). Range stick is 10 bases with a mark halfway (5).

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Alternate mass combat system mootage

Here is an alternative activation system suited for faster play with more models. Note this is alternative, not 3.3 standard- I am just chatting to the void whilst sitting in a coffee store. :)

On your turn roll initiative: this is how many actions you get to perform before play passes. Roll 1d6 stickered with 3,4,4,5,6,8.

This is your warbands action pips.
Now activate a model. You can perform up to 4 pips of actions per model. Speed limits moves possible- so fast models can move 4, slow 2, really slow 1. Once a model has activated, it cannot be reactivated this turn. Cap actions deactivate as usual.
A squad of figures all act as if they where one model.
Any models activated that are in 5 strides of enemy AND outside leader and hero range must morale check by rolling 1d6 under level. A fail activates the models wild side.
Its pretty darn fast. Love to hear thoughts.
Back on 3.3 tonight.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Dhundred announced

Hey Dredlings,
Kates birthday has pulled me away from SD beta admin this weekend, so I found myself with a lot of thinking time about my next project. With my nuke classes wrapping at AFTRS and beta 3.3 going into testing, I have a little window to get stuck into something fresh and exciting.
I was going to dive into Stardred, but as this will be built on Skulldred its best to wait until one is locked down before building the
other. Likewise expansion material is pointless.
After I tackled a mental exercise 'how I would save the DnD license' on my kingsminis blog, I started to tinker with the idea of a totally streamlined, maths lite ruleset that invoked the classic retro rpg feel but without the clunky old retroclone mechanics.
After a three hour car trip flew by as I frantically scribbled down notes it became apparent I was hooked on the idea and it was bearing a lot of juicy mind fruit. Thus is a game I want to play. Right now.
So as of today I am announcing my very next development project after Skulldred is project codename 'Dhundred'- the fantasy rpg.
Dhd will be built around a percentile dice mechanic that carries across the whole game mechanic from casting spells to figuring damage. It will not have any tables for game mechanics (but it will have random generation tables for fun outcomes), and like skulldred, dice outcomes are known the moment the dice settle.
But skulldred first!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Iron Wind Metals party on!

Hey Dredlings,

Just a quickie- we are proud to announce Iron Wind Metals are joining The Skulldred party.  This is brilliant beyond words to a collector of old school lead like myself.
  Why you ask?  Dang it, Iron Wind still produce many of the great Ral Partha golden era fantasy figures from the likes of Sandra Garrity, Tom Meier and the late Dennis Mize.  If your serious about your vintage lead, you have to explore the Iron Wind shop... its just dripping with classics.
   Go now and behold old school goodness here!  Expect to see some of their minis gracing our pages soon!

  If your a fan of my other blog, kingsminis then you will have no doubt seen the wonderous conversions John Blanch (Art director of Games Workshop) did with Ral Partha figures back in the early eigthies.  We had a glorious time recently trying to work out which bits are from which figures- and I was really happy to discover the majority of those figures are still available over at Iron Wind.  I plan to recreate many of them myself next year once I have cleared a few of my major hobby projects out of the way!

We are really lucky to have so many mini companies contributing images and miniatures to the game- the end result is going to be a feast of figures from all across the world, spanning decades.  I am proud to have written a game that lets them all play nicely (or un-nicely) together!

Anyway, great news.  Back to the editing...  oh wait, its like 1 am... perhaps a spot of sleep first.

Goodnight Dredlings... dream lead dreams.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Skulldred gets its first game night at Horisont IV in Denmark! Yay!

Details here...
Dr.The Viking has also posted his Skulldred table on lead adventure forum here...
I am sending some Darkling mini prizes for their warband comp too. I hope everyone takes lots of pics and batreps!
3.3 and coffee
I had been dreading picking up Skulldred after not looking at it for a while, but today I printed out the current pdf, went to my local cafe and armed with a red pen sat down to face my darling with fresh eyes.
I am actually really surprised- bar some minor edits and a few last minute changes I want to make its pretty solid.
Paolo checked it out too, and gave me a handful of notes from his read through, which I am delighted to find I totally agree with- thanks PF!
I was frightened that I would dislike what I saw after the break, but now it really has me excited again as I can see the finished project in my mind.
So now all that remains is a quick edit and figuring out this whole mailmerge PDF thing and we are good to go. I feel like I am on the home stretch now.
Dwarfies chargies!
Heres a work in progress pic of my latest warband... Since 3.3 now uses loose engagement more accurately it is even more friendly to smaller bases, which has allowed me to switch to 1inch washers.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3.3 battle for the tower

Hi Dredlings,

Playtester Nick came over for a couple of matches of 3.3 to test it out before release. We got a few photos in between beers. We played mirrored sides, with 14 models a side, including 2 big monsters, shooting leaders, archer, healer, spellcaster and veteran troops.
I went with Bederken Dwerg (from my mini range- plug, plug) and some ogres, Nick went all DND with Kobolds, Bugbears and a mangey goblin under an evil warrior leader.
Here are some highlights...

Nick looms over the scenery, planning his next move after I take out his only healer in the first volley of arrows.

Dwerg using a portal as cover, the big hitters meet on the bridge- after an epic struggle, the ogre is driven back to where the second bugbear clambers up. The battle continues, until finally a badly wounded ogre falls prey to a well placed arrow to the eardrum from Nicks leaders venomous bow.

Here my Dwerg Venom Brothers use a citadel ogre as cover as they take the hill, meanwhile Arkhaim Ratpole performs a ritual, gathering magic power tokens...

Um num shivai! Charge up!

Nick's Kobolds and bugbears in the shadowy ruins of khazad Akurry. Their leader is a classic citadel fighter armed with scale mail and a bow.

A new release Bederken Dwerg barrowguard (plug) surprise attacks a Reaper kobold squad, a bloody battle ensues driving the dwerg back into the valley, which quickly filled with blood (I use dinky little clear plastic discs spattered with red epoxy to show carnage) as the Dwerg barely held back the Kobold drive. (To be fair, the Kobolds where level 3, combat 3) but its still embarrassing to get him hard by dnd fodder! Retreating, the dwerg wizard leveled the area slaying one Kobold and blasting the others back out of the valley.
Nick repeatedly allowed his kobold minions to die instead of taking wounds, saving his Dreadskulls for the final conflict.
Arkhaim Ratpole's sorcerous swarm of razor bats failed to phase Nicks leader, who escaped through a portal from my pincer move targeting him. Assassination attempt foiled, my hard hitters where stuck away from the action with a long slow slog up a mountain and a depleted wizard.
Meanwhile the fall of my ogre and archers and spellcaster with advantage of height meant game over as our night came to an end! Bravo Nick for a sound victory.

Victory dance on the bridge!

Its official, I suck at my own game!

3.3 playing well, but needs a couple of fine tweaks before I release the new beta to make spell casters more effective.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Free poynt freeee

Just a quick update- beta 3.3 is nearly finished - I am over the hardest compiling bit and just cleaning up.

I am really looking forward to people getting to play this one- its great fun!

Magic is getting into good shape, I condensed all the spells into one word 'effects', such as 'heal' and 'harm' making bracketing them next to your spell names much easier. Spells all cost the same gold to make setting up a game fast, with the tradeoff for more powerful spells being difficulty and risk mid game.
Jumping and falling has been simple, and is now super condensed and made consistent with core mechanics.

So looking good so far for next week!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Playtesting new suggestions

Ah Dredlings, nice of you to stop by. This episode has some pictures!

Last night I tried out a big block of feedback suggestions from a compilation of documents emailed me. As usual I lost the game to my wife but the playtest was fun.

The big changes we tried are listed up on the closed forum for discussion- but basically it involved less actions per average model, pure backwards recoils a set measurable distance instead of dodging and tweaked measurements.

I got my new Reaper Gor-Gor on the table, but four amazons and their pet baby balrog went all RK on him for two turns before collecting his ivory.

Here is my motley crew of elves, men and gor-gors. Some lovely old citadel figured tried out their new 30mm bases for size!

Kate races her barbaric mob past my 'battlefield in a box' ruins I picked up at CANCON this year.

Sir Elderwine D'hamster approaches a treasure pile cautiously.

After all, the decor is so inviting! Dread those skulls baby!

Kates Amazon 'Aspira' searches another loot-able token to no avail. Meanwhile the battle rages on...

Here is the major body of my warband shortly before it was handed its posterior on a plate by the demonic amazon queen (called Phyllis). Nimble amazons flanked me hard and swarmed down onto my heavy hitter, my counter flank attack bounced off and was quickly swamped once the big guy fell in a sticky paste to an instant kill. Exhausted, my leader rushed up to battle the queen through a window, but she fell back and he ended up getting trapped against the wall by two amazons.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beta 3.3 patch available on forum

The patch is now up on the forums fiiiinnnaaalllly!

Get your bloody hands on it!

This gives correct sizes, damage, armor and enough info on combat to hold you all till I can finish up the next release.  Note the price of shoot dice has gone up one gold, and sizes have new prices.  This trials a streamlined armor+step up/down damage system.  Now armor factors in if you down a model or not, and stepping upgrades the down result to a kill or downgrades it to a repel.  Give it a poke with some dice and figures and see if you like it.  It tested pretty darn well on the home table- I felt that the armor system gave an extra level of chunkiness of things like armored dwarfs... bloody hard to hurt them, but back them into a tight space and they drop well enough!

Those of you waiting to join, fear not- you will get your playtest 3.3 edition as soon as I finish revising it!  If your worried I have forgotton you, drop me an email and say hi.... its soooooo lonely in my evil wizards tower.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Whats up buttercup?

Hail Dredlings,

Beta 3.3 is still a few days off- so for existing playtesters I posted up a temporary combat rules amendment on the forum so you can play whilst I wrap up the things I gotta do.
A few folk have applied to join the playtest (hello and welcome!) and will get the 3.3 rules the minute they arrive!
I am currently teaching compositing in 'Nuke' at the Australian Film Television and Radio school- which is awesome, and I gotta say a real treat. Thats now on a break for a fortnight from today and I am eagerly rubbing my hands together with glee at the prospect of diving back into the pages of 'Dred for a dedicated block of time with no distractions.
I do have one slight difficulty though- as we have welcomed a rather inquisitive kitten to the house who finds the playtesting table fascinating. Size 8 kitten hero with paws of random destruction (+3) anyone?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3.3 beta and release date

Hey Dredlings!
I am shifting the release date to may 2012 so I have time to get everything perfect.

Beta 3.3 is coming on nicely. I am aiming to have it ready for the weekend.

I have rebuilt the docx file from scratch, copying chunks of text from 2.8 and 3.2 and cleaning them up as I go. This ensures all stray references to older rules (such as wounded and stunned state) are expunged like the naughty little blighters they are.

The magic system has been stripped down to a bunch of hard coded spells to make it easy to understand, though the effect+mod is actually still under the hood.
Simply get a spell card, pay the gold and give it to a character. Very fast.

Wizards get to use power dice to throw magic missiles and magic blasts around now- which feels cool -especially when you charge up ready for a big deadly blast!

3.3 returns to the 2.5/2.8 damage system, with a few tweaks. You can find the pdf for that beta (skulldred_beta_latest) in the 3.2 forum for now if you want to have a look.

I am still looking for great mini picture contributors- any figures from Otherworld, Splintered Light, Grenadier(Mirliton), Reaper, Hasslefree, Heresy, Victoria, Imbrian Arts, Guild of Harmony, Asgard (viking forge) and hey, if you have something nice from any independent mini company I can chase up permissions.
Some great pictures of game boards and terrain features would be cool too!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Photoshop returns!

Hey Dredlings,

After a windows update took my trusty Photoshop CS 1 out at the knees, (Adobe no longer support it, so I was left high and dry without a license) I finally decided to fork out for new the new creative suite package.  Plus I thought, hey, having InDesign and Illustrator will be a big plus in getting the final Skulldred publication looking slick.
Getting photoshop back means I will be able to revise the counters, cards and cover art to suit the new 3.2 changes.  Hurrah!

Hope everyone is having a good time, and keep that feedback coming in!


Saturday, February 4, 2012

3.2 errata so far

Hey 3.2 Dredlings,

Here is some errata that has popped up in the first reads.

Reference to 'champion' in warband chapter should read 'only one level 5 per warband'.

Disengage clarification: You disengage up to your base width away from engaged opponents, and may then perform other actions including moves.

On that note, I now think disengage can be performed after rolling the action dice. I was thinking it would be fun to have a risk roll here for excitement but it breaks the select-roll-think-act paradigm and therefore the flow. I will shift this to optional rules in the next edition, as it makes only a tiny difference.

Hope you are all having fun!

Word fur Winderz update

Hope everyone is enjoying the 3.2 document so far.

I spent this afternoon transferring my Skulldred Open Office document over to Microsoft Word.  I am jolly glad I did so far.  Once, that is, I found a custom script to create a 2003 style menu driven from the hell spawn monstrosity that is the ribbon (I hate ribbons in every program- worst bloody interfaces ever.  I still spit tacs about Autodesk adopting ribbon in 3DSMAX.)
I can now layout the page properly without weird things happening- though I applaud open office, (especially in that it continues using a menu driven interface), I have to mark them down on their formatting tools.  Now I feel I have total control on the document- every space, break and picture position.  It's heaven, and well worth forking out the dosh for.
The reason I mention this is that Word managed to pick up and quickly correct hundreds of little spelling and grammar mistakes in 3.2.  Spell effects now affect things, and winners beat losers, not loosers.
If your picking through the spelling in 3.2, relax- the next version will have caught the majority of mistakes, so its probably best to put down the red pen for now!

Friday, February 3, 2012

3.2 released!

Yes, it is finally released!  What do you think Derkeness?

Uh oh.  Derkeness is pleased.
After several monsterous long days hammering away at a keyboard I have finally managed to compile and send out download links to every registered member in time for the weekend.
My thumbs are killing me.

The new edition is clocking 147 pages- which means I have condensed a great deal from the body text.  This gives more room for more art and miniature pictures.  Speaking of which, Heresy minis are joining the party.  Expect to see Andy's lovingly crafted figures gracing our pages (I know Dave Stafford will be happy!).

Once my thumbs stop aching, I am looking forward to some time to finish painting the lovely Reaper, Grenadier, Hasslefree and Asgard (Viking Forge) minis awaiting me on my painting desk ready for the photo diagrams.

Now I am off for a well deserved rest.

Happy playtesting everyone!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Great arguments for d6 over d9

I have decided to keep with D6 from here on in and make Stardred d6 also.
The compelling argument was this. Skulldred is about speed and it is about no mental strain.
D6 are stable. Since the mechanic is totting, D6 do not tip during this process, making it harder to cheat. The spots are faster to read than numbers. I tested this for a half hour of speed cognition- testing and d6 win by a country mile. So much so, Stardred has to follow suit.
It also keeps the levels easy to comprehend. Novice, Regulars, veterans, elites, legends. Legends, as we have seen in playtest, really are legendary in performance. Plus D6 are commonly available and cheaply available in bulk packs.

3.2 has been recompiled for d6, and I am happy with it.

As Paolo said in his comment, it will mean a faster time to release now, as the numbers have been play-tested. Very good point- I could tinker forever but you guys are itching to get it. That's a damn good thing :)

Rolling out today.

The wait is over 3.2 is finished

Hey Dredlings,

The long wait is over.  With CANCON wrapped up and a break in my workload opening up I have had the time I needed to finished the last compile of beta 3.2 and its ready to start compiling for download tomorrow.  I hope a quick flick through will really make it all worth the wait.

It takes a few minutes to compile each playtesters personal copies, and there are a lot of playtesters, so it may be a day before you get your link.

This is the last of the experimental betas, trying out new things.  From here on I am picking mechanics purely from those that existed in earlier betas that worked the best.
Though magic needs thoroughly playtesting and may need revising heavily, the rest of the book is going to start being locked down, with wording, clarity and spelling being finalised for beta 4.0- so word worms grab your grammar books and pick at my spellink.  It is time to get this baby ready for flight.

My schedule now allows for revisions based on feedback directly after 3.2, so the development will be much, much quicker.  I simply have not had the time to get 3.1 done these last few months.

Old stuff

The good news for those fearing change is that the majority of the work on 3.2 returns to the more streamlined, gritty and popular beta series 2- with the return of the Action die, Dreadskulls, Downed/Dead damage system.  I like to experiment with wildly different ideas to try and get closer to the core principles I laid out at the start (maths free as possible, playable when drunk etc etc), and 3.0 totally missed the mark- adding too much complexity and taking out a lot of the fun.  Players of the beta 2 series will find themselves on familliar ground.

New Stuff

The two major changes in 3.2 is the trial of D8 dice and non deductive rolls.

Since it was quite easy to whack in, I decided to convert the rules to the D8 system.  It will always nag me if I didn't try it and its easy to change back.  It will also give me a head start for Stardred, as that will be a d8 system to accomodate drones through heavy mechs up to huge walkers.  If we can get the costs balanced for Skulldred in D8, then Stardred will be cross compatable.

Dont worry - you can still play with d6 dice, you just do not field higher than level 4 or size 6.  The notes on how to do this are included a few pages in.  If your feedback is about numbers, make sure to note if your using the D8 or D6 versions.  If you can give it a try and tell me how it feels compared to D6, that would be a real help.

Non deductive rolls takes out the step of deducting the losers roll from the winners.  Again its a tiny change to put it back, but removes one mental arithmetic step from every single roll in the game- so pays of big time if it works.
Both players now roll dice and the one with the most hits gets to apply all those hits to whatever effect is required.  In spells, its the spell potence, in shooting and fighting, its the damage caused.  Because this generally ups damage, the defense and kill numbers are adjusted.  This also makes the game more viscious, so more Dreadskulls are needed.

The big change to magic is that spellcasters charge power now, which they can do on the same turn as cast a spell- so a sorcerer can always get off a risky, weak spell.  The numbers and prices for spells are pretty close to random at the moment, so I expect spells to be waaay too expensive and hard to cast to begin with.  There are literally thousands of ways to combine spell effects, so I expect playtesting is going to throw up some nice cheats.  Ideally, spell casters should have no more than around 3 to 6  spells with a range of low level and one or two higher level spells they cast well.  Spells should be unreliable, and devastating to anyone who does not watch for portals.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

3.2 post cancon thoughts

Yo, Dredlings,

Before I release 3.2 I want to check a wild idea out...

I always intended Stardred to use D8 dice, thus giving models 7 possible sizes and levels, however it's been nagging me that Skulldred players may like this from the get go with both systems, and certainly it gives models much more room to expand in campaigns.
D8, you see, is the highest 'solid read' dice- it stops quickly and is easy to read at a glance.
The other benefit, I must confess, is purely visual. It gives the game a more old school gamey feel, and a fist full of gem diced look like magical precious stones. Tell I am an artist huh?
Switching to d8 would mean sliding up regulars 1 level but keeping first 3 sizes the same, make bull orcs and beefy barbarian size 4, ogres and mounted humans on horse 5, 80' giants 6, dragons 7 and the otherworld giant is 8. Cavalry therefore get one dice stronger.

Now this makes shooting regulars harder to hit, but this can be balanced with cheaper shoot dice or bigger bonuses for aiming, over watch and so forth.

So how about it folks? D8dred?
How about 2.5 / patched 3.1 players give it a crack and comment below.

I am also pleased to announced the new streamlined damage system tested out well here, so is going in the new release.

Instead of wound tracking and all that stuff, 'to kill' is replaced with a 'defense'. Score under is a repel (dodge or recoil), score equal or higher it's a 'downed' and score double to instant kill.
Example: def 2+ models downed on 2 and 3, and you need 4 to instakill. Def 4+ are only repelled by 3 or less, killed on 8+ and down on 4,5,6,7.
The combat dice are no longer subtracted from each other. It's purely who gets highest wins, and gets to compare to defense, giving you repel/down/kill results.
If opponent drops guard(rolls no hits) the damage is upped a whole step( repel to down, down to kill)
Easy, elegant, takes two maths steps out, no tracking counters and allows a gnome with a knife only a minute chance of downing a legendary dragon lord only if the dragon is horrendously, ridiculously unlucky and the gnome is strategically positioned, buffed, boosted and really committed. The dragon would have to be out of dredskulls to wind up dead. Frankly, my money is still on the dragon.
A downed model only needs to be beaten by 1 to be killed.

So there you are. 3.2 out really soon, and please comment on the D8 idea.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Live from cancon

First ever convention game for skulldred!
And I lost!
It's cancon, I have a demo running at the Eureka table, where Asgard dragon lizards are battling chaos champions backed by a Classic Mark Copplestone giant from Grenadier.

First game winner Ed Fitch, seen here shown reading the demo copy. His dragon lizards regrouped, despite having their leader taken out, and merrily devoured my Jes Goodwin 1980s chaos champ.
The rematch was no better, with a gargantua battle between the giant and trex dragon lizard that pushed halfway across the table before the dragon lizard spawnlings caught up to swarm the poor giant.

Christian and Painting Princess from the battle of froggonia blog (check it out) dropped by the stall and had a game too, which we hope to finish tomorrow.
All in all everyone seems really excited by the game, with comments about how fast it is to learn, play and the dice mechanic being suspenseful, and you can play it with any minis is a big draw.

The shows mood is upbeat but really busy. Think next year a Bederken stall may be in order.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Beta 3.3 is ready for release - I just need to go through and spend a day updating applications, mail merging and so forth. Expect it to come knocking Dredlings... Oh yes.

This afternoon I reshuffled my studio to make room for a dedicated game board/photo shoot scene for the Skulldred manual.
So while you out there are playtesting the ever living heck out of the game, I will be focusing on the painting and assembling the contributor minis, scenery and props for the in-game action shots and photo diagrams.
Though the actual scenery I plan to use is yet to be assembled, and many of these figures need a bit more work, I just could not resist putting a quick scene together using some really old prototype bits I had lying around...

Note these are iphone pics using a desklamp- the real ones are going to be lit and taken by a pro.

That's Skulldred right there! A whole mix of great minis from different companies, made decades apart slogging it out like maniacs on the same board. Now that's what I am talking about!
Here we have stuff from Reaper, Mirliton (classic Mark Copplestone Grenadier figs in this case), Hasslefree miniatures and Fenris.
No army lists, fully points balanced, maths-free mayhem with the figures you want to play with!
Oooh, exciting!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beta 3.02 looms

Well, its 2.30am and I am getting close to finishing beta 3.2.  I managed to get through 90% of the revisions I wanted for this edition, which I will be rolling out shortly.

It's really starting to get exciting now.  Especially since I plugged in some of the contributor photos (thanks kindly!) and new artwork, such as the Skull logo below.  The hard work is paying off, and I feel Skulldred is transforming into a really high end glossy product before my very eyes!

Skullbaron 3.2 style!

 The game is feeling tighter, as is the text, which I have pretty much rewritten to make the game clearer to new players.  The rulebook is weighing in at a chunky 150 A5 pages at the moment.  This includes all the spells, abilties, items and so forth.  I plan to cram in at least one scenario and a section with some pregenerated warbands, plus showcase pages for mini companies to show of their delicious models.

Magic, you may be pleased to hear, is back in.  The magic system has been totally redesigned, so will need severe playtesting- especially getting the points pricing right.  Dust off your sorcerer minis!  It features mix your own spells, where you can combine multiple spell effects with area effects and bracketing.  This lets you tailor spells to your game world as you would characters.

Right.  Got to get some sleep now.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Beta time line

Hey Dredlings,

Here is my task list so far... in case your wondering what is happening in casa del Skulldred, I thought this may help everyone understand just how much is involved in the project.

Beta 3.2 revisions.
Beta 3.2 release rollout.

Magic 3.2 release.
Warband generator recompile.

Contributing miniature company miniatures painting.
Contributer press pack
Compile and edit feedback wave 3.2
3.2 Counters & Profile Card release.
Final diagram photography.

Bestiary compile (sample stats for creatures)
Beta 3.3 release (if required)
Quick Start profile cards
Bestiary profile cards
Contributer clearances (Sculptor/ Painter sign off)
Playtester credits lock down.
Final Illustration and layout.
Sample P.O.D.
Color correction / layout fixes.

Update website.

Press pack.
Release to POD.

Dance and drink!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Applications and minis

Hey Dredlings,
  I have now posted out all application welcome emails to everyone who applied.  If you have not received an email today, send an email to with SKULLDRED BETA as the title, and I will get that to you asap.
  Those who have sent in signed legals should have a welcome email inviting them to the forum, and will receive the new beta edition link as soon as it is published.  Phew... that was a loooooot of work.

Its just amazing how many countries Skulldred is being played in at the moment.  Very cool.  Very cool indeed.

Right... now to the cool part.
As you may already know, a bunch of the best indie miniature companies are supporting The Skulldred Project.  After all, the whole idea of the game is to use ANY miniature from any manufacturer in tournament, club and convention games, no matter how converted!  The book will feature lots of drool worthy pictures of miniatures from all over the world- from companies such as Reaper, Otherworld, BeDerken, Eureka, Hasslefree, Splintered Light and more...  oooooh!  The book will feature an appendix listing all the figures, sculptors, companies and painters- along with links.  If you would like to be involved (or just plain show off), then drop me an email to with SKULLDRED CONTRIBUTE in the title!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Return of the King

Yes Dredlings, I am back, bringing with me the oathbreakers and weilding my reforged, uh, word processor... ahh screw it, this metaphors not working.
Okay, Aragorn I ain't, but back I iz.  (Heck, if I can get away with 'ain't' one little 'iz' ain't gonna hurt.)
Ironically, my old English Teacher Mr. Chambers went to school with the great J. R. R. Tolkien himself, though they did not like each other much, he confessed.  Both scholars would be horrified at my use of 'ain't', but at least one would be pleased I use 'dwarfs' instead of 'dwarves'.  Spelling Dread without an 'a' would probably raise another eyebrow- but at least I know when chipped potatoes where introduced to Europe, and besides, no one hassled Judge Dredd about his spelling, and I am waaaaaayy tougher than he is.  Try me punk!
All this focus on the English language is probably due to the fact that I am revving myself up to crack open my Skulldred documents and make it all proper spellink and stuff, ready to release to all the new playtesters joining the club this year!
The problem with long breaks and big documents is diving back in- and I have yet to summon the courage to make that descent just yet- but I thought I would say hi and let you all know I survived the Christmas Turkey!

Those of you going to CANCON this year drop by the Eureka Booth, I am usually found lurking around there somewhere... and this year I may just have a small Skulldred demo board with me.  Stop by and say Hi!