Friday, October 14, 2011

Victory bash

Just had a great 3.1 session this afternoon- played 'quick turnaround' rules, with the action dice rolled at the start of the turn to set the number of activation stones. Wild is four.

Thinking of adding a victory move when you wound or kill a foe- to make the game move even more. You can make a pace move in any direction, using it to disengage if you like. Alternatively you can 'put in the boot' forcing the wounded or dead Model back in a direct line one base (two if 2sizes larger) this knocks on enemies.

Additional victory abilities could be blink away, repel (knock back all engaged) and taunt.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Beta 3.01 and patch released

Long day, and a heap of editing later and I have a 3.01 returning the action dice to the fore and putting the damage back to easy!

I have posted the patch on the closed beta forum, so you do not have to print out the whole book again- but if you would like the full updated book shoot me an email and I will forward you a link.

I am still going through the applications, so if you shot me an email- hang tight, your edition is on the way.

Man, doing everything yourself is exhausting.  Cheap... but exhausting.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Playtesting round 2- or rather, 3.01

Hey Dredlings,

  Its taking a long time processing applications for play testing, so my apologies if you have not received a reply yet- I am clocking in about an hour per day on the project right now, and will be travelling for business this month, so will be off line for a week.  The slow part is checking and filing all the NDA's, then making the watermarked PDF- my wife just worked out a mail merge macro, which means we will be able to make updates and process outstanding applications quickly in the future.

For those still waiting, you may like to stick with 2.5 for now, as 3.1 will be shifting back to a few 2.5 core principles and 3.1 is just around the corner.

The 3.0 damage system, though richer and more detailed, fails in my mind to live up to the spirit of the original game- drawing out combat and loosing that speedy something that made 2.5 fly.

Likewise, the action dice system from 2.5 seems to be much liked, and I have to say I miss it too- though have some ideas on mixing the two together.  I will be incorporating a few ideas from 3.0 into the 3.1 system, which at this stage is looking like being taken back to 2.5 in many respects.

Cheers everyone for your patience!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Home of Skulldred

I thought you may like to see where Skulldred comes from... here is my home test board where I nut out the rules.  My big mistake of late has been designing the game seated at the computer... bad idea.  Here I am trying out my new counters that came back from the printers, and the citadel giant I finally confronted at the paint table after months of being daunted by it.  Still a long way to go, but sure is a hell of a lot more painted than most peoples... looking around gaming conventions its amazing how many people show up with undercoated giants.  Very daunting, but actually no slower to paint than a regular mini, funnily enough.  I figure a couple more days (I have to fill in some gaps I missed) and jobs a good'un.

Hey Elric... behind you!
Jes goodwin Elric of Melnibone, Citadel Giant, retro chaos warriors
and female warrior from Hasslefree

Printable counters finished!  Now how do I get the spray glue off my hands?

Jes Goowin Chaos Champ (here playing a Sorcerer) holds a magic portal.
Elric ponders the fate of a Citadel Fantasy Specials dead adventurer.
The giant is about to cop a blast spell from that green portal.

Fail flush... Reload!
Citadel classic Groms Goblin guard can be seen in the backdrop sporting a Litco wound marker.

Well there you go.  Hopefully you can hear the sounds of weapons clashing and boggarts being thrown through the air.

Nice to meet you!

I think I have most, if not all membership NDA's sent out now- and am very happy to have some cracking questionnaires returned!  Most are very funny and a few are heart warming.  I have a date booked in my calendar to just kick back and follow the links Dredlings have sent me where they hang out!
What's really great is the spread of people joining the playtesting club- folk from all over the world and from various age groups and backgrounds.  Everyone shares the desire to find a hassle free game they can use any miniature from their collection and that requires little effort to dive into, play and pack up after a hard days work.
It also seems that Skulldred has mutated into a family game, with a great many members playing it with their family.  I have taken this feedback most deeply, and have cast aside plans for the 'Dred to have an adult book version and a children friendly version.  I originally found the sterilizing and dumbing down of some games to make the market younger and wider distasteful- and wanted to capture some of the rebellious nature of gaming before that... like the days when rolling criticals in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay made my mates cackle with ghoulish glee... but I have other platforms for that stand.  The Skulldred rulebook will be a single volume that is for all ages.

Well.... maybe the odd chainmail bikini.

Or two.


MOAB (Sydneys big games event) was smaller this year, and I missed the bargains in the bring and buy (and actually put down something I later saw selling on ebay for $$$$- drat).  It was really cool to have a few folk introduce themselves and chat about my blogs, especially Kings Minis as the retro thing is having a huge following at the moment.  I suspect the formula is something like  Ebay + modern painting tutorials + reminiscence + soaring prices of modern crappy cast resin and 4thed DnD horrors= retro lead fans!
Hello to everyone who said hello!


So I will be spending more time in the Beta forum... so have placed the button nice and big for you to hit.  If your a playtester, there is a locked forum for feedback and discussions.  You should get the password when you send in the nda, but if I forget just flick me an email.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Technical difficulty or... DyFFiKULTEEEZ

Yeah, yeah... Somehow some of you got the wrong file.  I have absolutely no idea how a contractors agreement got saved over my Skulldred file.  I blame Vista.  I like vista because you can always blame it for stupid things... however it does actually do stupid things.  Windows 7 upgrade this week perhaps?

Can you get a Dave upgrade?

The real contract is now on its way out via email.  Please delete the original and pretend nothing happened.

A few folk have signed up using Skull Dred beta, skulldread beta or anything other than SKULLDRED BETA will have missed the mailout.  I will be manually sorting through my email backlog looking for these in the next few days.

As I was away at MOAB, I will be off by a day sorting stuff out.  I need a hired monkey or six.