Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Closed beta applications are huge!  Its taken me days to process them.  Once it goes commercial I am going to have to hire a winged monkey or something to do the emails.
Its really cool to finally see how many folk are playing the game and hearing their stories-  its much more popular than I first thought, and that makes me really happy.  Its been such a long labour of love, and to know its making a difference is really satisfying.


Based on the feedback, Stardred is proving to be a much awaited project indeed- but I have a couple of Skulldred projects to release first!  Stardred will be a tactical mission based game, and will be available with a full set of downloadable floor plans (30mm and 15mm), plus rules for robots, sentries, hacking, vehicles, star battles and psionics!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Beta 3.0 released


Yes its finally here!
Beta 3.0 is now waiting for you in a secret set of secret folders somewhere in secret internet locations.

Playtesters who registered via email using SKULLDRED BETA as the title will have an email waiting for them containing a non disclosure agreement and optional questionnaire.  Its not too late- if you have not sent an email yet, do so as soon as possible and I will add you to the list!

Once I get the signed NDA back, you will have a personal link sent out to a watermarked PDF.  Hope you enjoy it!

All feedback is done via the beta forum... you will need to register to get a password to the beta 3.0 section.

Phew.  I can go have a beer and relax now!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Prepare for combat. Beta 3.0 release schedule

Beta 3.0 is about to attack!

Having wrapped up the XLS unit builder, I am pretty much done for the beta.  I am going to check through the doc in the next two days and then release.

Now, everyone who is on the list will be emailed a link containing a watermarked PDF that they can download once the last parts of the book are checked.

The magic section will be released shortly afterwards- allowing you to play sorcerers.  The price lists has to be ironed out on this, but its pretty much done now.  A big thank you to everyone partaking in the play testing, I hope you enjoy this version.

Prepare for combat!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Unit card v6 is up!

A new unit card is up.  There is no technical difference bar the renaming of wild to type- so if you prefer the older look you can keep going on it.  Before I could finish the rules I needed these cards done.  They take a lot of fiddling about and appear several times in the book.

I have patiently... very patiently... made a GIMP version too that is in the same zip file.  For cheap skates there is also a black and white roster sheet below that.  Look to the strip of buttons down the left hand side for the download buttons.

Hope you like them.  Rules to fill them in shortly.  I have to double check the pricing, fill in the quick-start cards and sample cards, then it should be good to go.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Counters and cover

Hey Dredlings,

First up, let me just shoot a big thank you out to all those who have applied for beta testing- you will receive a link in your email when beta 3.0 is ready!  I have had a flood, but am getting through them all- so be patient!

So an nice exciting blog episode.  I wanted to post up thoughts and feelings as the game went along so that other designers can get something from the process, (mainly how damned huge the task is of putting a game together) but I realise most of you come to the blog just for updates on when the game will be out and other cool stuff.  So, this ones for you!

Firstly, counters for beta 3.0 are now up!

Download them here. (4,101kb)

This has 4 sheets that include fold over counters, rulers and templates!  I recommend just taking them to a print shop and getting them done up on some thick glossy card- make sure they do not scale to fit, otherwise the templates won't work.  You don't need these to play, but it sure beats keeping notes on scraps of paper.  There will be laser etched acrylic templates and tokens available from the BeDerken site once the game is released.  These are 28mm scale- give me a holler if you would like 15mm!

Ooooh, pretty bits of card!

Next up is some eye candy whilst you wait for the new rules pdf.  Its a second mock up of the Skulldred booklet.  Thought you may like to see how things evolve!

Mock up of core rules booklet
The real book is coming in at round 90 pages give or take, though I am planning on cramming it full of colour pictures and diagrams if I get the chance.  Once I get this round of commission sculpts completed for my clients I can focus on the book- which should give you plenty of time to play the living heck out it!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Insomnia and Photoshop

Not to bug you with my problems, but I have one of those annoying allergies that nerdy people seem plagued with. If I eat soy in any form or sulphites, I cannot sleep.
What's that got to do with Skulldred? Progress, that's what.
I tend to get a lot of late night projects done when insomnia kicks in.
Tonight was counters. Four sheets of full color counters for you to enjoy with the new Beta. Not that you need them to play- it's a just a nice to have thing!

I will get some sleep now, and check them in the morning before I post them up.

Waaaaaaaaaaaay better than the current sets. Fold over double sided, easier to handle and making better use of the counter space.
I even made one sheet with spray templates and cut out rulers, one for wound markers and magic energy, strength and all the usual suspects from before. Should be pretty to play now!

Hopefully my tired brain will shut down for a little bit now!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Magic test

Sick today, so had some time to spend. I tested out my new magic system and it felt right. Finally!

It's all now to do with power- and that's the exciting part. Spell casters draw power into their power pool, and spend this on magic dice for spells. Instead of a magic dice score, magicians have a magic score, which is their target number like level is for combat.
Hard spells have a burn cost that must be payed before the spell can be cast. All points over that are magic dice.

It feels like magicians are playing with huge amounts of energy now- and the gameplay is about knowing what to gamble, when to block spell casters lines of sights, and holding back opponents whilst you charge up.

Familiars now speed up charging, as do altars, magic circles and so forth. Get your caster into a good position to charge, then unleash spells onto the battlefield.

Spells are now more universal- you can take a spell and upgrade it from single target to area effect at purchase time, so it's more about playing the spells you have at game time, rather than choosing options during. Spells can be dodged(combat vs. level) and countered (magic roll) but the effect is usually hit or miss.

Example: " I cast morlocks hellfire fish (wound lesser blast -4)!"
It costs 4 burn. I spend 3 more to get 3 dice. It costs 7 power. I roll 2 hits. A few goblins are in the blast radius. They take a wound if they cannot equal or beat 2 hits. 2 fail and are wounded, 2 pass and ignore the spell.

Spells can have custom names, with game effect listed in brackets. You can also combine spell effects together when you buy them e.g Plague Wind (recoil+poison+cone).

Simple, clean and tastes of powers being thrown around.

That should mean release is coming up for the sorcery book too!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Beta 3.0 booklets

I have decided to spend a bit more time rewriting the magic system, as it does not feel right to me yet.  So in the meantime I am going to release beta 3.0 part 1- which will give you everything you need to play combat and shooting games and try out the activation system.
Combat has been streamlined a great deal, and links into the damage and strength/action system neatly (I hope).  Your dreadskulls are not just a resource for healing wounds, but can be gambled for driving extra actions, disengaging and performing stunts- once your force tires, they can no longer perform such feats- and the end draws near).  Should give you plenty to enjoy and push.

You should find this release a great deal less abstract- dreadskulls are now called strength, for example, and downed has been replaced by wounded and stunned.

I should have the first book ready shortly- its all the fiddly stuff now like having the character cards match the prices... uhg.  I need to hire a monkey.