Thursday, March 17, 2011

Updates 2.05 b

I have just been compiling errata to make a 2.05b release- no system changes, just reordering and fixing the document.  Any last minute feedback and errata would be welcome!

I am making size 1 models have a to kill of 2.  Vulnerable have a to kill of 1.  Makes it MUCH easier to explain.

Also I am thinking of dropping longstrike as a stat, and making it a limited range version of shoot instead.  Thoughts?

Another topic I would like to discuss is the final 1st edition rule book, and whats going into it thats not in the playtest version.

Here are some thoughts...

  • More illustrations.  Its going to be pretty.
  • Bestiary of all your basic fantasy army stats, costed and ready.
  • Battle scenarios - classic vs, rescue, capture etc
  • More character abilities.
  • Machineries of war - large weapon rules, catapults, chariots etc.
Any other things you would like to see?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

2.05 arrives!

Skulldred Beta 2.5 is now sitting in the downloads section!

This massive update brings the whole system up to date with the size / skill flip as well as fielding a swathe of small tweaks to gold values and rules.  There is now an index too.

Thanks again to everyone playtesting and coming up with suggestions!  I have listed your names inside the book, please contact me if you want the details changed or added!

I have also built a spreadsheet character builder here featuring all the new prices and rules changes....  linky

Larder of Doom!

Thantsants over at Somewhere The Teas Getting Cold has posted yet another brilliant Skulldred battle report- The Larder of Doom!

Check out those wonderful old school minis.  You da man.