Sunday, July 17, 2011

Toughness returns?

Hi Dreadlings,

A suggested rule change for you to try.  This system makes downing bigger models harder, but not impossible- and make small things tackling big things more terrifying.

As before, beating a foe by 1 always causes a knock back.  Beat them by 2 or more and you apply the suggested damage rules to find the result.  It sounds a bit fiddly to begin with, but its really quite simple in practice.

Lets call 'ToKill' toughness for this rule set.  If you beat your foe by more than their toughness score, you score a heavy blow.  Less, scores a light blow.  If your opponent rolls no hits - they drop their guard.  Increase a light to a heavy, a heavy to a critical.

For regular combatants, a light blow causes a down result, a heavy blow causes a kill.
If opponent is bigger, a light blow causes a knockback.  A heavy blow causes a down.  A critical causes a kill.

'Massive damage' rules

If opponent is 2 sizes smaller- all your attacks are deadly.  Knock backs become downed automatically.
If opponent is 2 sizes bigger, your attacks are ineffective.  You must score a critical just to down them.

So you see its just taking the three possible outcomes - knockback, down or kill and sliding them up or down depending if your opponent is bigger or smaller.

(Tank killing weaponry and spells are designed to increase your effective size when comparing- so a hobbit with a rocket launcher could fairly tackle an ogre steam dreadnought.  The rocket launcher weapon would be Size+3, for example moving the hobbit from size 2 to size 5- enough to take out the size 6 ogres armour if it rolls better than its toughness.)

Well give it a go and let me know how you like it!

Beta Patch

I am going to release another beta patch soon with new values to iron out a few price changes and spell revisions.  Generally the new changes make spells easier to cast, champions more expensive, hordes cheaper, steadfast and leaders more pricey, and put a price curve in to combat bonuses- making +3 upwards significantly more pricey.

Miniature pictures

One exciting bit of news is that several indie miniatures companies are getting behind Skulldred and have donated figures to appear in the rulebook so we can have gorgeous examples of game play!    Looks like I am getting a fun paintey time tickling them with the hairy stick!

Comments and feedback always welcome!