Sunday, June 27, 2010

beta 1.03 Initiative revision

Hi folks,

Initiative rules where too harsh, so try this version.

  • Downed models may not make any free actions, except a free recover.
  • A model may free recover instead of rolling for initiative.  It may not do both.
  • If a downed model rolls for initiative instead, it must spend its first action point recovering, it may then spend the rest of its points performing any actions as per normal.
  • You may sacrifice your go instead of downing a models.
And a biggie...
  • Downed models that are not engaged are not killed by a second downed result from a failed initiative roll.  They simply remain down and do not gain any actions.
  • Downed models that are engaged are killed if they get a second downed result.
Using this version means that reckless actions are no longer in the rules.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Skulldred beta 1.03 release

Beta 1.03 is released, this time with an even more streamlined core system.

The news rules flips the rolling system on its head by using SIZE directly, rather than comparitively- thus removing more step.  This makes your big models faithfully more destructive- you can count on them to put fear into the hearts of your troops.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Skulldred beta release

Welcome!  Skulldred is a set of streamlined rules for playing fantasy tabletop skirmish games.  You can play any scale of miniatures, build pretty much any warband you like, and more importantly, you should be able to play it drunk.

Skulldred beta release version 1.01 is now available for download from my site.  Just right-click and save the following link.  Its free to download for playtesting, however the price of admission is your feedback.  Please read it, play it and let me know how it went!

Version beta 1.01 has no magic system or points system, and is bare bones at the moment.  What I would like to test is if the core mechanic works and, more importantly, is fun.  Let me know.

What I am looking to achieve is a streamlined, slick and effortless core system, onto which the full game can be built.  The final goal is to have a sexy print on demand and pdf version, packed will full rules illustrations and photos.  Just cause its indy, doesn't mean it needs to be cruddy and minimalist.

Drop me a line at - just take out the word FISH from that email.  You know... Spambots.  Please put SKULLDRED in the title of the mail so my filter can catch it!

I hope you enjoy it!

Dave King