What is Skulldred?

Fast, furious, free flowing combat using any miniatures you like!

Skulldred is a fast, furious game of fantasy miniature skirmishes.

Reaper Molemen battle Hasslefree heroines!
Taking a fresh approach to game mechanics, Skulldred features exciting, immediate and maths free dicing for players with dyscalculia, ADD, ADHD and other challenges that make holding numbers or doing mental arithmetic challenging.

Of course, a nice side effect of this is that it is also playable when drunk (and by extension, tired, sick or overworked).

Rather than dumbing down the rules, Skulldred simply pushes aside the number crunching and instead puts strategy and tactics forefront.  Results are known the moment the dice hit the table, giving a 'hangs on a dice roll', craps-like excitement to every combat.

Skulldred lets you use any miniatures, from any era, from any manufacturer and at any scale.  You are not locked in to basing, pose, race or fluff- so you can literally field any of your favorite miniatures you like- even in tournaments!  In fact, Skulldred encourages you to explore the whole rich, fantastic world of miniatures.  We have invited our favorite independent miniature companies to use Skulldred to showcase their wares.
In these pages you will find our own Darkling miniatures range rubbing shoulders with (in no particular order) the likes of Reaper, Splintered Light, Otherworld, Hasslefree, Heresy, Victoria, Mirliton (Grenadier), Iron Wind Metals (Ral Partha), Eureka, Guild of Harmony and more... 

Even when its not your turn, Skulldred keeps you busy and engaged... you can actively effect the outcome, making defensive moves, making counter rolls and strategically buffing, sacrificing and recovering your troops using the 'Dreadskull' resource.  No more standing helpless whilst your opponent munches through your force.

Explore and battle across rich, dense terrain packed with perils and treasure
Full color downloadable counters?  Check!
The system is 'game effect' driven, so you can create your own spells and special abilities by attributing game effects to them.  For example, a magical soul stealing spear can be noted down as  "SoulSpear (poison, reach, +1 in combat).  Stacking game effects allows you freedom to create any abilities, spells and items you can imagine, and make them playable.
Skulldred is also fluff free, and not locked to any game world.  You are encouraged to create your own or adapt one from your favorite fantasy settings.  You can easily play pulp, pirate or post apocalyptic medieval games using the same system.

The Skulldred core rulebook features everything you need to play in a small handy booklet.  No lugging around huge, back breaking tomes for reference- the rules are quick and easy to learn and easy to teach to children.

 Skulldred is currently in a closed beta, which you can apply to join.  Playtesters get a watermarked copy and gain access to the feedback forum.

Once published the book will be available in downloadable PDF, print on demand hard copy book, and ebook formats.  As Skulldred has proven itself a fantastic family game, we will be publishing two versions - an adult 'black' edition, and a family friendly 'white' version - which switches out all the nudity, gore and dark humor.

Sound exciting?  Ready to kick some Skull?  Awesome!
Click on the link above to apply for the beta play-test.  It's time to start dusting off your old minis and ordering new ones for your dream warband!