Friday, March 7, 2014

Spam, spam, chips and skulldred.

Mmmm. Spam.

I will sort that out once I have some free time.  If anyone is a master of fitting spam filters and wants some free minis... drop me a line- many hands makes fast work.

The beta proof threw up a bucketload of errors- so I have to sit down and recompile it before beta release.  Right now my focus was on a freelance gig... but that wraps on Wednesday- and with any luck I will be hammering the new edition into shape the rest of the week.

I am going to add the campaign rules to the core rule book and shunt several spells and abilities out to the expansion.  Skirmish is about characters... and campaign advancement is integral to that experience.

By the way, the one and only Thrud The Barbarian is slated to join in on the fun!  A perfect setting for him!

If anyone has some last minute contributions of painted indy minis, terrain or so forth drop me a line!
Thanks a for your patience whilst I juggle life, mini sculpting, freelancing and recovery!


  1. No problem. Seems like you're getting quite the handle on it.

    How indie does a mini have to be? I have some megaminis painted up... Here's a tag that'll show you most of them:

    If these qualify, I would be happy to through together some vignettes with them.

    1. Oh I got those Dwarfs too! Excellent Olley!
      I should publish a list of indy companies who have joined. Off top of head... Reaper, iron wind, mega, hasslefree, mirliton, splintered light, Iheresy, viking forge, victoria, guild of harmony, imbrian arts, Eureka- you name it! All oop companies.
      Excluded (unless they want to and shoot me an email) are GW, mantic, DnD plastics, privateer and wyrd. Basically if they have a glossy game already. One exception is Reaper, though they have Warlord, they support indy games. Yay them!

  2. I heard about the game 6 months or so ago. I'm hoping to get into the next Beta phase, as I've heard some great things so far. Glad to hear things are moving along =)