Tuesday, March 25, 2014

More done!

Combat and wounds/health rules are done. So much nicer now.
Boost dice now equal 1 dreadskull per dice- lowering their worth so it balances out using skulls for extra pips and for standing.  Basically you get double the dreds now, and have more ways to use them.

I only had a few hours tonight so I tackled the character card .psd file today and got that ready.  I know making custom cards was a big enjoyment for everyone.  I have still to do the gimp version.

Now that is done I can make the updated diagrams for the profile building section, pregenerated starter cards.

Only a few days to go.  Tomorrow I am training a studio in a software package, but the day after it is fulltime on Dread!


  1. Awesome! Sounds great and I can't wait. Particularly for those Gimp files. I've got a whole bunch of Mini photos all ready to be dropped in.

  2. Ooooh- I am excited too. I LOVE seeing custom cards!