Monday, March 24, 2014

Busy busy

I have just wrapped a big FX job and am back on 'Dred.  Yay.

The forum is down thanks to spambots- apparently the inbuilt catchpha in phppbb was hacked ages ago and is useless.  I have to install another security measure when I get the time- hopefully the old forum is working so we can use that for this beta.  Any advice would be appreciated in the comments below...

Combat is up and running- with fresh color coded diagrams for damage.  I ended up going with a drop dice system for damage for this edition.  Scoop up winning dice, drop your opponents hits- then any armor they have (most have none- big 1, huge 2 etc).
  If the result left is zero- you gain advantage (knock back, drive back, circle or disengage).  1 =down, 2= wounding blow and 3 killing blow.  Step up one level if opponent caught off guard.


  1. I don't remember exactly, but is that pretty much how it went in 2.05? If it is, I like it. If it's not, I still like it. You're a genius for granular simplicity.

  2. It is similar- instead of discarding armor you compared it to a To Wound- To Kill score. The To Kill score was double- making it very hard to kill things outright. Now is more deadly, but still... you generally get a few hacks at something before it dies. 'tis Skirmish, after all.

    One additional kicker I am trying out this time is bleeding out. When a model is downed AND wounded, it is incapacitated and will die if you roll a natural wild. You need 3 to stand- but can be dragged, healed or spend 3 dreadskulls out of turn to get up.
    If you are downed, you only need 2 pips or spend 2 dreadskulls out of turn. You do not bleed out.