Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Hey folks. is now up and running!
  The forum is also live... but empty of course, do pop by the introduction page and post- plus if you have painted any of my figures I would love to see them in the showcase gallery!
New sexiness that is

  Our fancy new content management webstore is taking longer than we hoped, so we had the old one sexied up ready to take the upcoming new releases this month.  Yep.  This month.

Okay so the SKULLDRED BETA passwords are still the same, and I have yet to migrate any content.  I probably could do with a moderator soon.  Anyway, back to the rules.


  1. Just checked out the new site and registered to the forum (gorenut). Looks great! Patiently awaiting my own Beta password/new rules set. Nice to see progress in one of my favorite rules set.

  2. Wow, just checking about to see if there was any word for the beta update and noticed the new forum is filled with spam. Sure you're already aware of it Dave, but figure I'd post here just in case.

  3. Yep.. gonna fit a better filter when I have some time! Never mind... enjoy your penis pumps and russian mail order brides in the meantime!

  4. Haha, at least it was somewhat amusing. I checked the forum and was like "wow.. this place is beyond popping so suddenly!" only to find the forum becoming a bazaar for sexual goods and services.