Sunday, February 2, 2014

Heads up... new home for Skulldred!

Hail Dredlings!

A lot is going in behind the scenes here at Darkling Games.  Along with casting up new releases, getting our first 3d printed figures created and stocking paint for the first time, we will soon be launching our new website over at

This new site is to be the very hub of our hobby world- like the quaint villiage improbably close to hundreds of perilous dungeons, (doing a roaring trade in stuff looted from corpses, spell components and mead).  Yes, will be that village... and I the mysterious robed stranger in one of its dark and dingy taverns.

So, this new site will be the new permanent home for both Skulldred and BeDerken blogs, a sexy webstore (minis, paint and pdf rule downloads) and most importantly the Darkling forum- which is the important bit of this here tale I tell, for it holds the new Skulldred forum.  Ooooh.

Today we got that sucker up and running, and it looks great!  Like a proper grown up one.

So, if your still active on the ugly old, ad filled, freehosted forum, this is a heads up that it will soon be migration time.
We should be able to switch over to the forum in the next week.  Once everything cool has been moved over we will put down the old forum like the emaciated, unloved mutant hound dog that it is.

Now, if you sent a beta application in then you will be getting a new email soon with passwords to the new beta section of the forum and download paths.

Oooh.... exciting!


  1. Exciting news indeed! Can't wait to get the new rules as well.

  2. *supergasp* SWEET! Good digs, Mr. King!

  3. I am so glad to see this happening! Skulldred is a great system. Now as for that new unit builder...
    Hint,Hint... :)

  4. Yay! Looking forward to getting a beta email. (hopefully my application didn't get lost)