Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy new year Dredlings!

Ahoy Dredlings,

  Happy new year!  2014 is here, and with it comes a fresh start and new, newness for me.  Lots of changes happening, with the relaunch of BeDerken as Darkling Games- thus encompassing not only my miniatures but also my games projects like Skulldred, game products and aps.  BeDerken was just too annoying to spell out over the phone, so we decided on Darkling Games.  D-King... geddit?  Tis me, but with added 'arl'.  Coz we all need a good bit of Arl from time to time.

  Thanks for everyone who emailed to join the beta- and please excuse the automated response... a fresh mailout is on my January list, and I am excited to look through everyones emails to see who is knocking at the door this year.

  So this year I am getting back to fighting fit after a long illness, and dammit, I am gonna get this game across the line if it kills me!  Well... not literally, but I am going to go at it with a vengence.

My plans are...

January:  Beta release, database update to new memebers, mailouts, forum update, Warband awards

February:  Playtesting in earnest.  Additional art.  Updates via forum.

March:  Layout of core rulebook.  Final art and photography.  Lock down of rules.

April:  Release of Skulldred 1.0 in pdf.  Though this depends on how well testing goes... it has to be perfect!  New Skulldred website up and running with proper forums, downloadable content and webstore.  Release of P.O.D book in both family friendly and dark editions.

May:  Tie in products... dice, laser cut stuff, portals, dredskulls, posters and spell cards.  Some partner companies will also be releasing Skulldred warband sets and special offers.

June:  Expansion booklet writing and translation of core rules time!

July is going to be a hectic time for me, so I plan to have a break for a bit around then, leaving you to enjoy the game as well as playtest the expansion.

August:  First expansion book photography and layout.

Right... that's pretty much it for now, I am signing off.

Have a very, very good year and speak soon!


  1. That...looks like a great effing plan. I eagerly await all of it, but especially the new beta. First thing's first!

  2. I can't wait to finally get my grubby paws on any rules set beyond 2.05! Happy new years indeed.

  3. Hi

    one question, in regards of:

    > April: Release of Skulldred 1.0 in pdf.

    this commercial version will be 1.0, but it will be the equivalent of today's 3.0, correct?


  4. Version 1.0 will be beta 4.something. beta version 3.3 is the loooooong awaited free release!
    Once released, new versions will be 1.1, 1.2 and so forth. These will be corrected with with any errata but will not change mechanics. Version 2.0 will be years away- if needed at all.

    1. Quick question... is the system still running on D6s? I know it was thrown around that you were considering D8s for greater range/granularity.. but not sure if that's what you ultimately decided to go with.

    2. D6, but with rules for d8 if you want in the appendix.

    3. Thanks for the reply, that is great news. Is it specifically just D8 or is it a system/formula for different dice types in general?

  5. I am so happy to see this update!
    Please have a unit builder be part of the first stage. The easier it is to build units thee more play time we get. :)