Monday, September 30, 2013

Skulldred rising

I am now back spending some time on Skulldred in the hours my putty oven is full baking away on the host of Granbretan warriors for Hawkmoon.

I have been recovering quite quickly from my illness now- and am nearly back to normal energy levels.  I am working gradually longer hours, getting fit again and blowing off steam with a little braim dead hobby time as concentration has been in short supply, I focused on priming, cleaning, basing and other brain dead hobby chores.  Meh... It gets me by.  ;)

Skulldred has been nagging away in the back of my poor brain that good beta testing time is ticking away, so my goal has been to get the new free edition out so everyone can play the core basic game whilst I focus on Hawkmoon.

After all- most of the magic spells, scenarios, special terrain features and a good portion of the special rules and diagrams can wait while you bash each others heads in for a bit.  And play skulldred too.  ;)

Once it is ready I will post a link here to the free beta 3.3 edition.

Then when time permits I can finally colate all applications and get out the beta 4 closed beta edition to my poor subscribers.  I apologise for the automated messages when you email me about Skully, I know its a bit impersonal but I have been totally flooded with folk looking to play and uhg...  I am a bit nervous about opening the folder and return to the forum and see whats in there to be honest.  Still, its nice to be wanted I suppose.
Once everything is up I will need a moderator for the board.  Volunteers appreciated!

So... today I got the new measuring sticks, counters ready- this time around they are in a single PDF (thanks to my new tool adobe indesign) so printing to scale will be much easier.
  I also finished jigging the profile cards and just need to make the photoshop and gimp versions of the cardbuilder.

The rulebook is getting back under control... the problem with putting down a large book project is it takes time to familiarize yourself again with where we everything is- especially with a fuzzy head.

If anyone knows how to mail merge pre baked pdfs so each one has the recipient's email watermark on each page and custom name the saved file I would appreciate help.

Its nice to be getting back on my feet, and I look forward to giving you the shiney new edition of my baby shortly.

Thanks again for waiting!