Saturday, January 19, 2013

Game board progress

Heres a quick iphone snap of a Mirliton barbarian warband on the Skulldred demo board.  All minis and terrain are work in progress.  Lots to do and cancon is a week away!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lots of progress

Hail Dredlings!
I have been quiet over the xmas holidays, as I have been enjoying a break to catch up on last years back log of emails and paperwork before I go insane (well.  More insane).
Rest assured I have been beavering away on the rules in that time, as well as brain dumping for Dundred.

I also found myself tinkering for a day with ideas for a mass combat system akin to Hordes of The Things but without tables or predefined element types and using the skulldred maths free dice mechanics which I will post up in the playtest forums at some stage.  I nicknamed it Maraudred.
It uses elements of 4"x1 1/2" (I used mounting board covered in flock) with 3 casualties each (either remove figures or use casualty markers).  This lets you place 3 x 30mm base figures on each card, or a whole bunch of little ones.  Regardless of minis, 3 casualties and the element is destroyed (remaining figures routed or cut down).  Elements can rank up, line up and move as one and shuffle casualties.

It playtested really well- feeling like a fast wfb3 but with more strategy and detail.
So I will explore that a bit more later on, rather than be side tracked!   For now though its back to a full day on skulldred 3.3 for me tomorrow.

I will just leave you with a picture of some of the fifteen mil minis I am doing up for Splintered Light for the rulebook photos.  (On Proxie models 20mm bases)
I have some excellent Reaper, Iron Wind metals, Hasslefree, Guild of Harmony and Mirliton minis in my paint queue right now also headed for the glossy pages of 'Dread!  Cannot wait to paint them all up.

After that I gets to paints me Confrontation goblins and Undead for Arkalash reborn skulldred!  Exciting.

I am not going to set a due date for beta 3.3- its gonna be released when its good and ready.  But thats fairly soon ;)

Bye for now.