Thursday, July 18, 2013

A taste of whats coming...BLAM!

Hail Dredlings!

  So here is a tittilating taster of tonights tinkering... my latest poke at a profile card.

The brilliant Otherworld Ranger showcases new format

Once you have peeled your eyes off the gorgeous Otherworld mini model sculpted by Kev Adams (get well soon mate!) take a look at how the new format allows you to extend the picture all the way across the card if you need to, (it also has an option for a smaller framed box floating over a backdrop as before- if your image does not stretch that far.)   Much cleaner and nicer than before.

The stat boxes I have simplified so they are less busy, which gives you more focus on the picture. 

You may note the new statistic profile that spells BLAMS!  This is something I am trying out to help with remembering which stat is which.  The nice thing with this is you can note down characters in digit order (Kremmen Vargil: 34157)- like traveller ;0).

So taking a peek at the stats, Brawl is what was once combat dice.  Level is as before, Armor is 'to wound', Move is new- and Shoot is as before.  The sixth slot is for your own custom stat if your players use one.

So Move is basically an inverted version of size- its how many dice you pick up when dodging shots, falling, leaping, jumping and other forms of buggering about over terrain.  This is based on 6-size.
Note that size is no longer on the sheet, but is still a concept in character generation.  You pick a size, and that gives you the same amount of brawl dice.  It also gives you 6-size in move dice and sets your basic armor score.  The idea is that size is now implied in these other stats.

So for example, if you shoot a halfling with a crossbow.  The crossbow player picks up their shoot dice and rolls level or less to score a dice hit.  The halfling has a move of 6, so picks up 6 dice and rolls level or less to score a dice hit.  Winner has most hits.  Simples.

Armor is the number of hits you need to score equal to, or higher to peirce the armor and cause a wound.  This is the same as 'to wound' in earlier versions.  Double this is your instant kill score.  If your opponent drops its guard, this shifts down one step- so if you beat the armor score, you instantly kill them, otherwise you wound.  Most folk start with an armor of 2.

Oh... and you may also notice that the elf sorceress now has a loincloth!  That painting still needs some work.  :)


  1. That looks snazzy! Can't wait for these new rules to drop. I've even been putting together a warband for the competition.

    Also: love the flavor text.

  2. Cheers! I am looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to for that competition. I have some nice minis set aside for the winner!

  3. Might just be me, but I personally liked the roll numbers to have dice-shaped boxes. Makes it much easier to just look at the stats and realize which ones are the ones I'll be rolling. Also another personal opinion but I think having an acronym for these cards isn't completely necessary. I think you'd be much better served to just create stat names that immediately make sense to new players. Its good that the ones you have now are for the most part self-explanatory.. but "move" in particular seems strange to new on-lookers, especially those who have previous wargaming experiences. I think the acronyms mostly help with character creation, but once its on paper/card it'd be best to just have stat names that make sense at first glance.

    Thanks for all the hard work and I'm seriously looking forward to the newer version.