Friday, March 1, 2013

Hawkmoon vs Skulldred

I just had to drop everyone a note that I am currently sculpting the Hawkmoon range of minis- (yay! About time!) and its become my full day job.  I wanted everyone to know that I have set plenty of time aside this month to releasing the Skulldred beta, updating the mailing list and rebooting the forum.

Its a balancing act between making fans of both projects really happy with what I put out.  Michael Moorcock has been happy with the stuff so far, which is a mindf#$/ for me.

So whilst I poke endless chainmail links into the last Duke of Kohlns wardrobe and polish the cruel plates of the Granbretanian host I still have one eye on the A3 Skulldred poster in my room and am thinking of you all.

Kates been helping me with the edit, and she got me to strip all the visuals out to make editing less laborious- I had been thinking like a layout artist not a writer, and it was grinding along.  Now free from badly paginating art, the book flew along.  Now I just have to drop the visuals back in.

I took a couple of hours to explore POD book options before I rebuilt the book as A5 and found that a straight A5 for the printed version priced poorly compared to some of the other handbook sizes.  I think its more likely to be sorta like a decently thick graphic novel, allowing for decent horizontal table diagrams.  The great thing is I get to do full bleed, so art fills the page edge to edge.  This publishing malarkey is complicated innit?

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  1. Odd this I was just thinking earlier I really wish Dave would do something with Skulldred soon get back from a day of Non Destructive Testing and see this...