Saturday, January 19, 2013

Game board progress

Heres a quick iphone snap of a Mirliton barbarian warband on the Skulldred demo board.  All minis and terrain are work in progress.  Lots to do and cancon is a week away!


  1. Love the tangled trees and straggly foliage - very Ian Miller!

    Good luck getting ready for Cancon.

  2. Looks amazing. One question: how'd you do the dead trees?

  3. Thanks- The dead trees are done with twisted wire bundles of various sizes- masking tape is wrapped around the main branches. I then coat it in Acrylic heavy structure paste mixed with paint using a rough hog hair brush. This makes bendy trees you can then pose.
    These are glued onto washers for weight then onto the base- thin mdf or cds are good for this. The final trees will be drybrushed grey and green and moss will be added before the whole lot gets varnished.
    Some of the tree trunks have bits of twig and paper mache to form trunks too.