Wednesday, May 30, 2012

3.3 battle for the tower

Hi Dredlings,

Playtester Nick came over for a couple of matches of 3.3 to test it out before release. We got a few photos in between beers. We played mirrored sides, with 14 models a side, including 2 big monsters, shooting leaders, archer, healer, spellcaster and veteran troops.
I went with Bederken Dwerg (from my mini range- plug, plug) and some ogres, Nick went all DND with Kobolds, Bugbears and a mangey goblin under an evil warrior leader.
Here are some highlights...

Nick looms over the scenery, planning his next move after I take out his only healer in the first volley of arrows.

Dwerg using a portal as cover, the big hitters meet on the bridge- after an epic struggle, the ogre is driven back to where the second bugbear clambers up. The battle continues, until finally a badly wounded ogre falls prey to a well placed arrow to the eardrum from Nicks leaders venomous bow.

Here my Dwerg Venom Brothers use a citadel ogre as cover as they take the hill, meanwhile Arkhaim Ratpole performs a ritual, gathering magic power tokens...

Um num shivai! Charge up!

Nick's Kobolds and bugbears in the shadowy ruins of khazad Akurry. Their leader is a classic citadel fighter armed with scale mail and a bow.

A new release Bederken Dwerg barrowguard (plug) surprise attacks a Reaper kobold squad, a bloody battle ensues driving the dwerg back into the valley, which quickly filled with blood (I use dinky little clear plastic discs spattered with red epoxy to show carnage) as the Dwerg barely held back the Kobold drive. (To be fair, the Kobolds where level 3, combat 3) but its still embarrassing to get him hard by dnd fodder! Retreating, the dwerg wizard leveled the area slaying one Kobold and blasting the others back out of the valley.
Nick repeatedly allowed his kobold minions to die instead of taking wounds, saving his Dreadskulls for the final conflict.
Arkhaim Ratpole's sorcerous swarm of razor bats failed to phase Nicks leader, who escaped through a portal from my pincer move targeting him. Assassination attempt foiled, my hard hitters where stuck away from the action with a long slow slog up a mountain and a depleted wizard.
Meanwhile the fall of my ogre and archers and spellcaster with advantage of height meant game over as our night came to an end! Bravo Nick for a sound victory.

Victory dance on the bridge!

Its official, I suck at my own game!

3.3 playing well, but needs a couple of fine tweaks before I release the new beta to make spell casters more effective.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Free poynt freeee

Just a quick update- beta 3.3 is nearly finished - I am over the hardest compiling bit and just cleaning up.

I am really looking forward to people getting to play this one- its great fun!

Magic is getting into good shape, I condensed all the spells into one word 'effects', such as 'heal' and 'harm' making bracketing them next to your spell names much easier. Spells all cost the same gold to make setting up a game fast, with the tradeoff for more powerful spells being difficulty and risk mid game.
Jumping and falling has been simple, and is now super condensed and made consistent with core mechanics.

So looking good so far for next week!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Playtesting new suggestions

Ah Dredlings, nice of you to stop by. This episode has some pictures!

Last night I tried out a big block of feedback suggestions from a compilation of documents emailed me. As usual I lost the game to my wife but the playtest was fun.

The big changes we tried are listed up on the closed forum for discussion- but basically it involved less actions per average model, pure backwards recoils a set measurable distance instead of dodging and tweaked measurements.

I got my new Reaper Gor-Gor on the table, but four amazons and their pet baby balrog went all RK on him for two turns before collecting his ivory.

Here is my motley crew of elves, men and gor-gors. Some lovely old citadel figured tried out their new 30mm bases for size!

Kate races her barbaric mob past my 'battlefield in a box' ruins I picked up at CANCON this year.

Sir Elderwine D'hamster approaches a treasure pile cautiously.

After all, the decor is so inviting! Dread those skulls baby!

Kates Amazon 'Aspira' searches another loot-able token to no avail. Meanwhile the battle rages on...

Here is the major body of my warband shortly before it was handed its posterior on a plate by the demonic amazon queen (called Phyllis). Nimble amazons flanked me hard and swarmed down onto my heavy hitter, my counter flank attack bounced off and was quickly swamped once the big guy fell in a sticky paste to an instant kill. Exhausted, my leader rushed up to battle the queen through a window, but she fell back and he ended up getting trapped against the wall by two amazons.