Saturday, November 17, 2012

New free version

Hey Dredlings,
  Well since the mailmerge of heavy documents is holding everything up, my plan is to bash together a new free download 3.3 edition with just the core rules and only some of the diagrams and a subset of the magic, items and abilities.
That way everyone can download them directly from here and get on with playtesting the core system. Once I can mailmerge safely I will distribute the full beta edition- (lets call that beta 4.0 )to all the registered members for the final touches, exact wording and layout of the book.

Right now I am copying everything back into an open document format A4, printer friendly book. The final release rulebook is still planned as a full color A5 booklet.

On the visual front I have been beavering away on the photo models ready for the oodles of photo diagrams and examples I plan to cram into the book.

The backdrop is not finished, but you get the idea.
On my painting table is a couple of Splintered Light warbands- Undead and Woodland folk ready for the fifteen mil pics.
I also have a lovely handful of Dwarves and Amazons from Hasslefree, my own new Dwerg and Mirliton Barbarians up next.


  1. This is something I also would like to know...
    'm eagerly waiting for this system. Wht I read so far sounds really good!

  2. Oops sorry astrochelonian- check the header of the web blog for details on how toapply as an official tester.

    Cheers killer power!