Thursday, September 20, 2012

Alternate mass combat system mootage

Here is an alternative activation system suited for faster play with more models. Note this is alternative, not 3.3 standard- I am just chatting to the void whilst sitting in a coffee store. :)

On your turn roll initiative: this is how many actions you get to perform before play passes. Roll 1d6 stickered with 3,4,4,5,6,8.

This is your warbands action pips.
Now activate a model. You can perform up to 4 pips of actions per model. Speed limits moves possible- so fast models can move 4, slow 2, really slow 1. Once a model has activated, it cannot be reactivated this turn. Cap actions deactivate as usual.
A squad of figures all act as if they where one model.
Any models activated that are in 5 strides of enemy AND outside leader and hero range must morale check by rolling 1d6 under level. A fail activates the models wild side.
Its pretty darn fast. Love to hear thoughts.
Back on 3.3 tonight.