Monday, August 6, 2012


Skulldred gets its first game night at Horisont IV in Denmark! Yay!

Details here...
Dr.The Viking has also posted his Skulldred table on lead adventure forum here...
I am sending some Darkling mini prizes for their warband comp too. I hope everyone takes lots of pics and batreps!
3.3 and coffee
I had been dreading picking up Skulldred after not looking at it for a while, but today I printed out the current pdf, went to my local cafe and armed with a red pen sat down to face my darling with fresh eyes.
I am actually really surprised- bar some minor edits and a few last minute changes I want to make its pretty solid.
Paolo checked it out too, and gave me a handful of notes from his read through, which I am delighted to find I totally agree with- thanks PF!
I was frightened that I would dislike what I saw after the break, but now it really has me excited again as I can see the finished project in my mind.
So now all that remains is a quick edit and figuring out this whole mailmerge PDF thing and we are good to go. I feel like I am on the home stretch now.
Dwarfies chargies!
Heres a work in progress pic of my latest warband... Since 3.3 now uses loose engagement more accurately it is even more friendly to smaller bases, which has allowed me to switch to 1inch washers.


  1. Thanks!
    I think that the rules are really very close to the final step. I'm sure that all the other playtesters will enjoy the reading like me. There are very few things to playtest in my opinion, and your 3.3 will give to all the players a complete game to play with and to settle the state of the art.
    Dave, if you will support the final playtest in the next 2-3 months actively, probably the rules will be ready just for a nice Christmas release :)

  2. That would be good huh?
    Exciting stuff!