Saturday, August 11, 2012

Iron Wind Metals party on!

Hey Dredlings,

Just a quickie- we are proud to announce Iron Wind Metals are joining The Skulldred party.  This is brilliant beyond words to a collector of old school lead like myself.
  Why you ask?  Dang it, Iron Wind still produce many of the great Ral Partha golden era fantasy figures from the likes of Sandra Garrity, Tom Meier and the late Dennis Mize.  If your serious about your vintage lead, you have to explore the Iron Wind shop... its just dripping with classics.
   Go now and behold old school goodness here!  Expect to see some of their minis gracing our pages soon!

  If your a fan of my other blog, kingsminis then you will have no doubt seen the wonderous conversions John Blanch (Art director of Games Workshop) did with Ral Partha figures back in the early eigthies.  We had a glorious time recently trying to work out which bits are from which figures- and I was really happy to discover the majority of those figures are still available over at Iron Wind.  I plan to recreate many of them myself next year once I have cleared a few of my major hobby projects out of the way!

We are really lucky to have so many mini companies contributing images and miniatures to the game- the end result is going to be a feast of figures from all across the world, spanning decades.  I am proud to have written a game that lets them all play nicely (or un-nicely) together!

Anyway, great news.  Back to the editing...  oh wait, its like 1 am... perhaps a spot of sleep first.

Goodnight Dredlings... dream lead dreams.

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