Friday, August 24, 2012

Dhundred announced

Hey Dredlings,
Kates birthday has pulled me away from SD beta admin this weekend, so I found myself with a lot of thinking time about my next project. With my nuke classes wrapping at AFTRS and beta 3.3 going into testing, I have a little window to get stuck into something fresh and exciting.
I was going to dive into Stardred, but as this will be built on Skulldred its best to wait until one is locked down before building the
other. Likewise expansion material is pointless.
After I tackled a mental exercise 'how I would save the DnD license' on my kingsminis blog, I started to tinker with the idea of a totally streamlined, maths lite ruleset that invoked the classic retro rpg feel but without the clunky old retroclone mechanics.
After a three hour car trip flew by as I frantically scribbled down notes it became apparent I was hooked on the idea and it was bearing a lot of juicy mind fruit. Thus is a game I want to play. Right now.
So as of today I am announcing my very next development project after Skulldred is project codename 'Dhundred'- the fantasy rpg.
Dhd will be built around a percentile dice mechanic that carries across the whole game mechanic from casting spells to figuring damage. It will not have any tables for game mechanics (but it will have random generation tables for fun outcomes), and like skulldred, dice outcomes are known the moment the dice settle.
But skulldred first!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Iron Wind Metals party on!

Hey Dredlings,

Just a quickie- we are proud to announce Iron Wind Metals are joining The Skulldred party.  This is brilliant beyond words to a collector of old school lead like myself.
  Why you ask?  Dang it, Iron Wind still produce many of the great Ral Partha golden era fantasy figures from the likes of Sandra Garrity, Tom Meier and the late Dennis Mize.  If your serious about your vintage lead, you have to explore the Iron Wind shop... its just dripping with classics.
   Go now and behold old school goodness here!  Expect to see some of their minis gracing our pages soon!

  If your a fan of my other blog, kingsminis then you will have no doubt seen the wonderous conversions John Blanch (Art director of Games Workshop) did with Ral Partha figures back in the early eigthies.  We had a glorious time recently trying to work out which bits are from which figures- and I was really happy to discover the majority of those figures are still available over at Iron Wind.  I plan to recreate many of them myself next year once I have cleared a few of my major hobby projects out of the way!

We are really lucky to have so many mini companies contributing images and miniatures to the game- the end result is going to be a feast of figures from all across the world, spanning decades.  I am proud to have written a game that lets them all play nicely (or un-nicely) together!

Anyway, great news.  Back to the editing...  oh wait, its like 1 am... perhaps a spot of sleep first.

Goodnight Dredlings... dream lead dreams.

Monday, August 6, 2012


Skulldred gets its first game night at Horisont IV in Denmark! Yay!

Details here...
Dr.The Viking has also posted his Skulldred table on lead adventure forum here...
I am sending some Darkling mini prizes for their warband comp too. I hope everyone takes lots of pics and batreps!
3.3 and coffee
I had been dreading picking up Skulldred after not looking at it for a while, but today I printed out the current pdf, went to my local cafe and armed with a red pen sat down to face my darling with fresh eyes.
I am actually really surprised- bar some minor edits and a few last minute changes I want to make its pretty solid.
Paolo checked it out too, and gave me a handful of notes from his read through, which I am delighted to find I totally agree with- thanks PF!
I was frightened that I would dislike what I saw after the break, but now it really has me excited again as I can see the finished project in my mind.
So now all that remains is a quick edit and figuring out this whole mailmerge PDF thing and we are good to go. I feel like I am on the home stretch now.
Dwarfies chargies!
Heres a work in progress pic of my latest warband... Since 3.3 now uses loose engagement more accurately it is even more friendly to smaller bases, which has allowed me to switch to 1inch washers.