Friday, May 4, 2012

Playtesting new suggestions

Ah Dredlings, nice of you to stop by. This episode has some pictures!

Last night I tried out a big block of feedback suggestions from a compilation of documents emailed me. As usual I lost the game to my wife but the playtest was fun.

The big changes we tried are listed up on the closed forum for discussion- but basically it involved less actions per average model, pure backwards recoils a set measurable distance instead of dodging and tweaked measurements.

I got my new Reaper Gor-Gor on the table, but four amazons and their pet baby balrog went all RK on him for two turns before collecting his ivory.

Here is my motley crew of elves, men and gor-gors. Some lovely old citadel figured tried out their new 30mm bases for size!

Kate races her barbaric mob past my 'battlefield in a box' ruins I picked up at CANCON this year.

Sir Elderwine D'hamster approaches a treasure pile cautiously.

After all, the decor is so inviting! Dread those skulls baby!

Kates Amazon 'Aspira' searches another loot-able token to no avail. Meanwhile the battle rages on...

Here is the major body of my warband shortly before it was handed its posterior on a plate by the demonic amazon queen (called Phyllis). Nimble amazons flanked me hard and swarmed down onto my heavy hitter, my counter flank attack bounced off and was quickly swamped once the big guy fell in a sticky paste to an instant kill. Exhausted, my leader rushed up to battle the queen through a window, but she fell back and he ended up getting trapped against the wall by two amazons.

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