Thursday, April 5, 2012

Whats up buttercup?

Hail Dredlings,

Beta 3.3 is still a few days off- so for existing playtesters I posted up a temporary combat rules amendment on the forum so you can play whilst I wrap up the things I gotta do.
A few folk have applied to join the playtest (hello and welcome!) and will get the 3.3 rules the minute they arrive!
I am currently teaching compositing in 'Nuke' at the Australian Film Television and Radio school- which is awesome, and I gotta say a real treat. Thats now on a break for a fortnight from today and I am eagerly rubbing my hands together with glee at the prospect of diving back into the pages of 'Dred for a dedicated block of time with no distractions.
I do have one slight difficulty though- as we have welcomed a rather inquisitive kitten to the house who finds the playtesting table fascinating. Size 8 kitten hero with paws of random destruction (+3) anyone?

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