Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beta 3.3 patch available on forum

The patch is now up on the forums fiiiinnnaaalllly!

Get your bloody hands on it!

This gives correct sizes, damage, armor and enough info on combat to hold you all till I can finish up the next release.  Note the price of shoot dice has gone up one gold, and sizes have new prices.  This trials a streamlined armor+step up/down damage system.  Now armor factors in if you down a model or not, and stepping upgrades the down result to a kill or downgrades it to a repel.  Give it a poke with some dice and figures and see if you like it.  It tested pretty darn well on the home table- I felt that the armor system gave an extra level of chunkiness of things like armored dwarfs... bloody hard to hurt them, but back them into a tight space and they drop well enough!

Those of you waiting to join, fear not- you will get your playtest 3.3 edition as soon as I finish revising it!  If your worried I have forgotton you, drop me an email and say hi.... its soooooo lonely in my evil wizards tower.

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