Saturday, February 4, 2012

Word fur Winderz update

Hope everyone is enjoying the 3.2 document so far.

I spent this afternoon transferring my Skulldred Open Office document over to Microsoft Word.  I am jolly glad I did so far.  Once, that is, I found a custom script to create a 2003 style menu driven from the hell spawn monstrosity that is the ribbon (I hate ribbons in every program- worst bloody interfaces ever.  I still spit tacs about Autodesk adopting ribbon in 3DSMAX.)
I can now layout the page properly without weird things happening- though I applaud open office, (especially in that it continues using a menu driven interface), I have to mark them down on their formatting tools.  Now I feel I have total control on the document- every space, break and picture position.  It's heaven, and well worth forking out the dosh for.
The reason I mention this is that Word managed to pick up and quickly correct hundreds of little spelling and grammar mistakes in 3.2.  Spell effects now affect things, and winners beat losers, not loosers.
If your picking through the spelling in 3.2, relax- the next version will have caught the majority of mistakes, so its probably best to put down the red pen for now!

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