Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Great arguments for d6 over d9

I have decided to keep with D6 from here on in and make Stardred d6 also.
The compelling argument was this. Skulldred is about speed and it is about no mental strain.
D6 are stable. Since the mechanic is totting, D6 do not tip during this process, making it harder to cheat. The spots are faster to read than numbers. I tested this for a half hour of speed cognition- testing and d6 win by a country mile. So much so, Stardred has to follow suit.
It also keeps the levels easy to comprehend. Novice, Regulars, veterans, elites, legends. Legends, as we have seen in playtest, really are legendary in performance. Plus D6 are commonly available and cheaply available in bulk packs.

3.2 has been recompiled for d6, and I am happy with it.

As Paolo said in his comment, it will mean a faster time to release now, as the numbers have been play-tested. Very good point- I could tinker forever but you guys are itching to get it. That's a damn good thing :)

Rolling out today.

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  1. Hurrah! Phew I don't have to by any more dice and the nice green d6's that match my living room décor that I bought especially to help encourage the wife to play can still be used :)

    Looking forward to checking out the Beta when I can