Friday, February 3, 2012

3.2 released!

Yes, it is finally released!  What do you think Derkeness?

Uh oh.  Derkeness is pleased.
After several monsterous long days hammering away at a keyboard I have finally managed to compile and send out download links to every registered member in time for the weekend.
My thumbs are killing me.

The new edition is clocking 147 pages- which means I have condensed a great deal from the body text.  This gives more room for more art and miniature pictures.  Speaking of which, Heresy minis are joining the party.  Expect to see Andy's lovingly crafted figures gracing our pages (I know Dave Stafford will be happy!).

Once my thumbs stop aching, I am looking forward to some time to finish painting the lovely Reaper, Grenadier, Hasslefree and Asgard (Viking Forge) minis awaiting me on my painting desk ready for the photo diagrams.

Now I am off for a well deserved rest.

Happy playtesting everyone!


  1. Great news!!!

    Can't wait to see the finished article

  2. Excellent I will check my inbox..
    Oh excellent news that heresy are joining the party hmm may this will give me the impetus to paint the awesome ghoul king I have sat on my shelf just need to undercoat.