Monday, January 9, 2012

Return of the King

Yes Dredlings, I am back, bringing with me the oathbreakers and weilding my reforged, uh, word processor... ahh screw it, this metaphors not working.
Okay, Aragorn I ain't, but back I iz.  (Heck, if I can get away with 'ain't' one little 'iz' ain't gonna hurt.)
Ironically, my old English Teacher Mr. Chambers went to school with the great J. R. R. Tolkien himself, though they did not like each other much, he confessed.  Both scholars would be horrified at my use of 'ain't', but at least one would be pleased I use 'dwarfs' instead of 'dwarves'.  Spelling Dread without an 'a' would probably raise another eyebrow- but at least I know when chipped potatoes where introduced to Europe, and besides, no one hassled Judge Dredd about his spelling, and I am waaaaaayy tougher than he is.  Try me punk!
All this focus on the English language is probably due to the fact that I am revving myself up to crack open my Skulldred documents and make it all proper spellink and stuff, ready to release to all the new playtesters joining the club this year!
The problem with long breaks and big documents is diving back in- and I have yet to summon the courage to make that descent just yet- but I thought I would say hi and let you all know I survived the Christmas Turkey!

Those of you going to CANCON this year drop by the Eureka Booth, I am usually found lurking around there somewhere... and this year I may just have a small Skulldred demo board with me.  Stop by and say Hi!


  1. I tried to send you an email, but I received a failure notice. I'm interested in participating in the beta testing of Skulldred.

  2. New Year's Resolution is to get a game of Skulldred in!

    Good luck with the grammer...