Thursday, January 26, 2012

Live from cancon

First ever convention game for skulldred!
And I lost!
It's cancon, I have a demo running at the Eureka table, where Asgard dragon lizards are battling chaos champions backed by a Classic Mark Copplestone giant from Grenadier.

First game winner Ed Fitch, seen here shown reading the demo copy. His dragon lizards regrouped, despite having their leader taken out, and merrily devoured my Jes Goodwin 1980s chaos champ.
The rematch was no better, with a gargantua battle between the giant and trex dragon lizard that pushed halfway across the table before the dragon lizard spawnlings caught up to swarm the poor giant.

Christian and Painting Princess from the battle of froggonia blog (check it out) dropped by the stall and had a game too, which we hope to finish tomorrow.
All in all everyone seems really excited by the game, with comments about how fast it is to learn, play and the dice mechanic being suspenseful, and you can play it with any minis is a big draw.

The shows mood is upbeat but really busy. Think next year a Bederken stall may be in order.

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