Sunday, January 15, 2012

Beta 3.02 looms

Well, its 2.30am and I am getting close to finishing beta 3.2.  I managed to get through 90% of the revisions I wanted for this edition, which I will be rolling out shortly.

It's really starting to get exciting now.  Especially since I plugged in some of the contributor photos (thanks kindly!) and new artwork, such as the Skull logo below.  The hard work is paying off, and I feel Skulldred is transforming into a really high end glossy product before my very eyes!

Skullbaron 3.2 style!

 The game is feeling tighter, as is the text, which I have pretty much rewritten to make the game clearer to new players.  The rulebook is weighing in at a chunky 150 A5 pages at the moment.  This includes all the spells, abilties, items and so forth.  I plan to cram in at least one scenario and a section with some pregenerated warbands, plus showcase pages for mini companies to show of their delicious models.

Magic, you may be pleased to hear, is back in.  The magic system has been totally redesigned, so will need severe playtesting- especially getting the points pricing right.  Dust off your sorcerer minis!  It features mix your own spells, where you can combine multiple spell effects with area effects and bracketing.  This lets you tailor spells to your game world as you would characters.

Right.  Got to get some sleep now.

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