Friday, January 13, 2012

Beta time line

Hey Dredlings,

Here is my task list so far... in case your wondering what is happening in casa del Skulldred, I thought this may help everyone understand just how much is involved in the project.

Beta 3.2 revisions.
Beta 3.2 release rollout.

Magic 3.2 release.
Warband generator recompile.

Contributing miniature company miniatures painting.
Contributer press pack
Compile and edit feedback wave 3.2
3.2 Counters & Profile Card release.
Final diagram photography.

Bestiary compile (sample stats for creatures)
Beta 3.3 release (if required)
Quick Start profile cards
Bestiary profile cards
Contributer clearances (Sculptor/ Painter sign off)
Playtester credits lock down.
Final Illustration and layout.
Sample P.O.D.
Color correction / layout fixes.

Update website.

Press pack.
Release to POD.

Dance and drink!


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