Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Applications and minis

Hey Dredlings,
  I have now posted out all application welcome emails to everyone who applied.  If you have not received an email today, send an email to davideking@gmail.com with SKULLDRED BETA as the title, and I will get that to you asap.
  Those who have sent in signed legals should have a welcome email inviting them to the forum, and will receive the new beta edition link as soon as it is published.  Phew... that was a loooooot of work.

Its just amazing how many countries Skulldred is being played in at the moment.  Very cool.  Very cool indeed.

Right... now to the cool part.
As you may already know, a bunch of the best indie miniature companies are supporting The Skulldred Project.  After all, the whole idea of the game is to use ANY miniature from any manufacturer in tournament, club and convention games, no matter how converted!  The book will feature lots of drool worthy pictures of miniatures from all over the world- from companies such as Reaper, Otherworld, BeDerken, Eureka, Hasslefree, Splintered Light and more...  oooooh!  The book will feature an appendix listing all the figures, sculptors, companies and painters- along with links.  If you would like to be involved (or just plain show off), then drop me an email to davideking@gmail.com with SKULLDRED CONTRIBUTE in the title!

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