Sunday, January 29, 2012

3.2 post cancon thoughts

Yo, Dredlings,

Before I release 3.2 I want to check a wild idea out...

I always intended Stardred to use D8 dice, thus giving models 7 possible sizes and levels, however it's been nagging me that Skulldred players may like this from the get go with both systems, and certainly it gives models much more room to expand in campaigns.
D8, you see, is the highest 'solid read' dice- it stops quickly and is easy to read at a glance.
The other benefit, I must confess, is purely visual. It gives the game a more old school gamey feel, and a fist full of gem diced look like magical precious stones. Tell I am an artist huh?
Switching to d8 would mean sliding up regulars 1 level but keeping first 3 sizes the same, make bull orcs and beefy barbarian size 4, ogres and mounted humans on horse 5, 80' giants 6, dragons 7 and the otherworld giant is 8. Cavalry therefore get one dice stronger.

Now this makes shooting regulars harder to hit, but this can be balanced with cheaper shoot dice or bigger bonuses for aiming, over watch and so forth.

So how about it folks? D8dred?
How about 2.5 / patched 3.1 players give it a crack and comment below.

I am also pleased to announced the new streamlined damage system tested out well here, so is going in the new release.

Instead of wound tracking and all that stuff, 'to kill' is replaced with a 'defense'. Score under is a repel (dodge or recoil), score equal or higher it's a 'downed' and score double to instant kill.
Example: def 2+ models downed on 2 and 3, and you need 4 to instakill. Def 4+ are only repelled by 3 or less, killed on 8+ and down on 4,5,6,7.
The combat dice are no longer subtracted from each other. It's purely who gets highest wins, and gets to compare to defense, giving you repel/down/kill results.
If opponent drops guard(rolls no hits) the damage is upped a whole step( repel to down, down to kill)
Easy, elegant, takes two maths steps out, no tracking counters and allows a gnome with a knife only a minute chance of downing a legendary dragon lord only if the dragon is horrendously, ridiculously unlucky and the gnome is strategically positioned, buffed, boosted and really committed. The dragon would have to be out of dredskulls to wind up dead. Frankly, my money is still on the dragon.
A downed model only needs to be beaten by 1 to be killed.

So there you are. 3.2 out really soon, and please comment on the D8 idea.


  1. Personally I say go for it, though it would mean purchasing a load of D8's that's easy enough if you feel that it will work and it is what you want to do with Stardred then may as well have them running on the same playing field.

  2. We think that the game was near ready in the core mechanics. We think that there is a lot to test (Magic overall) without change the game and start again from scratch. But seems that after every patch the game have to change substantially! And this one without a real input from the playtesters on the forum. Is very difficult stay in playtest with Skulldred cause the very very very long time to wait from a release to the other, cause big changes of main rules in every release. Probably D8 or D10 was better, probably change all the demage/roll mechanics can improve the game, simply we don't want to think about this one now because we don't like that the game changes drastically again. The game works well actually, is time to move forward from the core rules to a different target: balancing stat and warband builder, write some interesting scenarios, campaign rules. And we never playtest the Magic system in the last 4 months ... Seems Dave that the game is for you a sort of fellow traveller, remember indeed that for us is a game to playtest, a project to close before to die of old age :) :) :)
    Paolo 3DVenexia

  3. I think a d8 version gives you more possibilities to balance the game but i don't know if the game really needs that change.