Sunday, June 26, 2011


So during my early playtesting I had most models using two dice.  I kinda liked that, much quicker to tell at a glance.
I am wondering if its a good idea to make humans size 2, and group together smaller races, such as goblins and familliars to 1.  This would give an extra size category for larger creatures and make shooting folk a little harder.

Thoughts?  Give it a try?

Progress on the first edition is coming on nicely- I have been scribbling away on the illustrations and its starting to get a nice, gritty but cartoony feel to it, quite nice.

I would like to welcome a new playtest group in Italy who are thrashing the rules soundly- lots of great little gems coming out from them ironing out disputes in tournament play- such as disengaging over L shaped walls and other minuatae.  Brilliant stuff- every time I get a little crystalisation like this I feel like a dozen arguments in the future vanish.  Nice.

The text is quite different now- the last section to get nailed down is going to be sorcery.  Thats an area I would love everyone to thrash.

Anyway, comments on SIZE 2 warmly welcomed!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Suggested Updates

Hey Dredlings,

I have put together a document with some rules amendments I have been thinking of for 1st edition, that I would love you to have a look at and comment on.

Said document lurks here.... Suggestions document

Its a few little things, such as ghosting vs tunneling, and a suggestion for using ranked troops, and a more streamlined magic system.  Love to hear your comments below, or if you prefer the forum...

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Unit Card PSD Update

Hey folks,
The unit card did not open in photoshop elements, so I have updated it to remove layer groups.  You will also find it MUCH easier to use now, as I have applied photoshop jiggery pokery to the layers so all you need do is paste your layer- no faffing around with clipping masks!  Check the tute...

Tutorial on how to make your own PC cards
Card is in the same place.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Skulldred Forum Update

Hey Dredlings,

  The Skulldred forum has long been very quiet... which is not really surprising considering I hardly went there myself.  Plus its an ugly proboards thingie which is really hard to set up the look of (suggestions on a better free forum system most welcome).
  So I bit the bullet, did a spring clean, fixed it up good and proper like, and havejust  started to populate it with all things Skulldred- from battle reports, unit cards and stuff like that!
  A forum is only as good as its people- so if your loving the 'dred, please join in and start it rolling!  Post battle reports, unit cards, mini pictures- any drivel you like!

Ahhh..... That's better

You will find a bunch of unit cards for some of the figures I have been playtesting with over here, for example...

Custom unit cards

Still on the look out for bugs!

Thanks all...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sneak peek, and custom cards

Hey Dredlings,

  I am having a blast working on the book!  Having had everyone's approval to go full colour has really opened up my mind to what can be communicated graphically.  The A5 format is also really forgiving, forcing focus on one, perhaps two graphics per page means they can shine individually.  Very cool.  I am starting to get a finalised feel that I am confident about releasing.

Here is a sneaky peek at the format.

Sample page from The Skulldred Rulebook

The new rules are better paced, and address the reader directly when explaining concepts rather than in a dry third person.  It makes me feel like I am being taught the rules by someone, which feels more natural.  Though improper for manual writing, I actually prefer this personally.
You may also like to hear that example paragraphs now appears throughout the text.  These paragraphs are identified clearly under Example:, and written in italics.  Therefore you can simply skim over example blocks if you have already grasped the concept from the paragraph.

I have tried to keep the pages fairly zen, with plenty of white space, rather than the current trend of making things look like gothic manuscripts.  This means its much easier to digest and flick through.

Unit Card v5
I finalised the Unit Card today, and am pretty darn happy with the result- especially when you compare it to earlier versions... it just makes me want to play the game!

I am so excited by how the Unit Card turned out I have put up new downloads for you all to enjoy.  The master .PSD file allows you to customise your own cards, insert your own art and pick background colours.  There is also a black and white sheet version for those doomed to grey scale printing!

Here is the tutorial for those of you unfamiliar with GIMP or Photoshop.

Click on this for full tutorial!

Check the downloads bar to the left for all the things you need!

Now the cards are final, I can go through and make the unit cards for all the sample creatures- which is obviously a big effort to do each time I do it.  After that, its photo diagrams, more illustrations and a final pass on the writing.  Soon, Dredlings, soon...

Hope you like everything so far!  Comments always welcome.