Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have been playing to death my latest build of Skulldred, and am getting close to hitting the PC again to revise the manual and get you a new release shortly!

Thanks for all the emails- great to hear people are 'getting the vibe' of what I am doing!  Yes, the last version was littered with scrappy bits from last minute changes that missed my attention.  Next one is better by far.  I hope.

The latest version is sexily streamlined- condensing the action-initiative-fear-stupidity into a single custom dice roll, and restoring the original normal d6 system.

Streamlined characters means no lists of numbers are needed to describe your force, - you can simply specify them by word descriptors if you like.  A regular human troop with no abilities would be just 'regular troop'.  A zombie can easily be described as 'crappy-slow-fodder'.  A stupid clumsy giant with magic armour is plenty to describe the model in game rules.

Models are condensed into hit-dice and to-hit scores.  Crappy units hit on a 1, poor/weak/green troops hit on a 2, regulars a 3 and so forth.  Size is condensed to match hit-dice, so you simply look at the size listing to get the number of combat dice to roll.  Small (imps, familliars, lesser goblins) roll 1 dice, regular (dwarves, orcs, humans, elves) roll 2, 'large' horses roll 3, 'big' war trolls 4, 'huge' small giants 4 and 'gigantic' dragons 6.  Simple.

You then tack on abilities and away you go.

Other stuff is the 'elements' chapter that gives you the ability to play the game with square bases tacked onto movement trays or multi-based, for larger simple mass combat.  Great if you have existing armies for other systems and want to throw a lot of figures around but still use the same rules.

Well, thats it from me and my insomnia.  Its like... 4:40 am here.  :)