Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Holidays Dreadlings

Time to face facts- I am just flat out of spare time at the moment.  :(
I cannot beleive I actually took a few hours to watch Transformers:  Dark of the Moon recently.  Screw you Michael Bay.  I want those hours back.  I could have done more Skulldred with it, for a start.  The only reason he has to put every single fight into slow motion is that you cannot see which pile of junk transformer is smacking into which other pile of junk transformer, that, and I suspect he cannot direct fight scenes that build to a climax... its just bang, bang or... sorry.. baaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg your dead, cut to next scene of people running or making a pep talk.  I want my fucking life back that you stole from me Mr. Bay!
Somebody give me a flat 1 million and I will make a better transformers movie that he ever could.  Hell, I could make a better GOBOTS movie that any transformers movie he could ever make.


So I know I have a lot of pending applicants still waiting for a reply, so if you have not received your reply email- hang on in there.  What I need to do is enter everyones names into a database, mail them legals, check for received legals, read them, add them to the list, compile every one into a watermarked pdf, upload these to coded folders, then mail everyone their links individually.  That, and do my day job, write the rules, illustrate the rules, photo the minis, sculpt comissioned figures, write the theme tune, sing the theme tune and watch god awful DVD shrines to how hollywood can pile money onto a turd script in hope to bury the stench.  Aka, Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

I was hoping to get another release out but the holiday season is looming like a tidal wave, and I am not sure my sanity can hold it.  For a start, I am reviewing DVDs in my gaming blog.  Next thing you know, I will be appearing in Freddie Wong videos or dancing with IJustine.

Oh, and my iphone crashed silently a few days ago, and did not announce any calls, messages, alarms, organiser and ebay push messages for a few days.  Great.  This brings my total financial losses thanks to apple since buying the iphone to a small shitload.  Android, anyone?  Not Michael bay Androids though, heaven forbid.  Could you imagine what his iphone would look like?  A dropped, confusing mess of scratched metal with flames painted on it for no good reason.

Happy holidays folks!


  1. I understand totally Dave! I've bearly touched paint to lead lately and its only going to get busier! We'll be ready when you are.

  2. Cheers blue.
    Hopefully I can pop by the forums too this week!