Thursday, November 17, 2011

v8 stat card

Just a quick peek at the new profile card and a note about the direction of magic.  Wounds, as you may be glad to see, now take their rightful place on the card.  This slot is used to note the number of wounds a model can take before it becomes downable.  Large creatures get a certain amount simply for being big, and you can buy extra wounds for your most treasured models.

Another noticeable change is that the Magic score has been dropped from the card.  In 3.2 each spell has its own target number based at the level purchased, and magical energy is exchanged for dice.
Any model can be given a spell- which, basically, is an ability that requires magic power to fuel.
Thus, you can therefore take, say, a magical beast such as a Chimera, and give it a magical charging breath weapon spell- or embue a sprite with a spell or two.  To field a powerful sorcerer, you can give them the sorcery spell (portal craft) and place a number of beefy spells at their command.

Stat card Version 8.  Mmmm... space...
I also changed the name ability to special rule on the card- since you list spells and negative effects here.

I am really feeling how much slicker the game is feeling now thanks to the recent feedback and ideas from the playtesting team.  Thanks all, we are not far away now!

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