Saturday, November 5, 2011

3.02 notes and minis

First off, there are a few applicants who I have not yet gotten to sending out PDFs to.  I am still laiden with work and only have a few hours a week for Skully at the moment.
If you wait a few days I will have 3.2 ready, which takes into account changes from current playtesters, and I will then send that out to listed members!

How goes the playtesting?

3.02 returns favourite concepts from 2.5 and ditches a lot of the complexity 3.0 brought in.  By popular demand, Strength has been renamed to Dreadskulls, and once again they act as downed markers.  Armor and wounds are wrapped up into one new 'wounds' stat.  The leadership ranges have been trimmed down for more chaos on the battlefield and fast now only gives you 1 doublespan move per turn- making cavalry less cheaty.  Many of the little additions 3.0 brought in have been shifted to optional rules, which makes learning the game much easier.  Oh, and the example game is back in!


Whats the 'dred without miniatures?  As you know, Skulldred is about using the figures you want to use- regardless of origin.  Therefore, I have been chatting with a few more mini companies who are getting involved with the project.  So, rather than just be a Bederken Dwerg fest,  the core book will be jam packed with photos of cool figures from around the indy mini scene.  The book will also have a mini index listing all the minis that appear throughout the book with info on catalog numbers, who sculpted and painted them and web links- hopefully opening up new players to just how vast the options, and affordable mini gaming can be.  There will also be some space at the back showcasing figures from participating independant companies- so if your looking for some exposure, get in touch!

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