Sunday, October 2, 2011

Technical difficulty or... DyFFiKULTEEEZ

Yeah, yeah... Somehow some of you got the wrong file.  I have absolutely no idea how a contractors agreement got saved over my Skulldred file.  I blame Vista.  I like vista because you can always blame it for stupid things... however it does actually do stupid things.  Windows 7 upgrade this week perhaps?

Can you get a Dave upgrade?

The real contract is now on its way out via email.  Please delete the original and pretend nothing happened.

A few folk have signed up using Skull Dred beta, skulldread beta or anything other than SKULLDRED BETA will have missed the mailout.  I will be manually sorting through my email backlog looking for these in the next few days.

As I was away at MOAB, I will be off by a day sorting stuff out.  I need a hired monkey or six.


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