Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Playtesting round 2- or rather, 3.01

Hey Dredlings,

  Its taking a long time processing applications for play testing, so my apologies if you have not received a reply yet- I am clocking in about an hour per day on the project right now, and will be travelling for business this month, so will be off line for a week.  The slow part is checking and filing all the NDA's, then making the watermarked PDF- my wife just worked out a mail merge macro, which means we will be able to make updates and process outstanding applications quickly in the future.

For those still waiting, you may like to stick with 2.5 for now, as 3.1 will be shifting back to a few 2.5 core principles and 3.1 is just around the corner.

The 3.0 damage system, though richer and more detailed, fails in my mind to live up to the spirit of the original game- drawing out combat and loosing that speedy something that made 2.5 fly.

Likewise, the action dice system from 2.5 seems to be much liked, and I have to say I miss it too- though have some ideas on mixing the two together.  I will be incorporating a few ideas from 3.0 into the 3.1 system, which at this stage is looking like being taken back to 2.5 in many respects.

Cheers everyone for your patience!

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