Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Home of Skulldred

I thought you may like to see where Skulldred comes from... here is my home test board where I nut out the rules.  My big mistake of late has been designing the game seated at the computer... bad idea.  Here I am trying out my new counters that came back from the printers, and the citadel giant I finally confronted at the paint table after months of being daunted by it.  Still a long way to go, but sure is a hell of a lot more painted than most peoples... looking around gaming conventions its amazing how many people show up with undercoated giants.  Very daunting, but actually no slower to paint than a regular mini, funnily enough.  I figure a couple more days (I have to fill in some gaps I missed) and jobs a good'un.

Hey Elric... behind you!
Jes goodwin Elric of Melnibone, Citadel Giant, retro chaos warriors
and female warrior from Hasslefree

Printable counters finished!  Now how do I get the spray glue off my hands?

Jes Goowin Chaos Champ (here playing a Sorcerer) holds a magic portal.
Elric ponders the fate of a Citadel Fantasy Specials dead adventurer.
The giant is about to cop a blast spell from that green portal.

Fail flush... Reload!
Citadel classic Groms Goblin guard can be seen in the backdrop sporting a Litco wound marker.

Well there you go.  Hopefully you can hear the sounds of weapons clashing and boggarts being thrown through the air.

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  1. Those are some very nice miniatures there, Mister Dave. I like the job done on the old horns-throwing Chaos bloke especially.