Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Closed beta applications are huge!  Its taken me days to process them.  Once it goes commercial I am going to have to hire a winged monkey or something to do the emails.
Its really cool to finally see how many folk are playing the game and hearing their stories-  its much more popular than I first thought, and that makes me really happy.  Its been such a long labour of love, and to know its making a difference is really satisfying.


Based on the feedback, Stardred is proving to be a much awaited project indeed- but I have a couple of Skulldred projects to release first!  Stardred will be a tactical mission based game, and will be available with a full set of downloadable floor plans (30mm and 15mm), plus rules for robots, sentries, hacking, vehicles, star battles and psionics!



  1. Well then. I reckon I better prioritize finishing up my own King-inspired C100 Space Marine project to get ready for Stardred.

    Of course you realize, Dave, that you are keeping us all very busy. Not that I am complaining- I just hope that you recognize the impact these little blogs of yours are having across the globe.

    Keep it up!

  2. Thanks Brian! Not as busy as I am I bet!