Friday, September 2, 2011

Magic test

Sick today, so had some time to spend. I tested out my new magic system and it felt right. Finally!

It's all now to do with power- and that's the exciting part. Spell casters draw power into their power pool, and spend this on magic dice for spells. Instead of a magic dice score, magicians have a magic score, which is their target number like level is for combat.
Hard spells have a burn cost that must be payed before the spell can be cast. All points over that are magic dice.

It feels like magicians are playing with huge amounts of energy now- and the gameplay is about knowing what to gamble, when to block spell casters lines of sights, and holding back opponents whilst you charge up.

Familiars now speed up charging, as do altars, magic circles and so forth. Get your caster into a good position to charge, then unleash spells onto the battlefield.

Spells are now more universal- you can take a spell and upgrade it from single target to area effect at purchase time, so it's more about playing the spells you have at game time, rather than choosing options during. Spells can be dodged(combat vs. level) and countered (magic roll) but the effect is usually hit or miss.

Example: " I cast morlocks hellfire fish (wound lesser blast -4)!"
It costs 4 burn. I spend 3 more to get 3 dice. It costs 7 power. I roll 2 hits. A few goblins are in the blast radius. They take a wound if they cannot equal or beat 2 hits. 2 fail and are wounded, 2 pass and ignore the spell.

Spells can have custom names, with game effect listed in brackets. You can also combine spell effects together when you buy them e.g Plague Wind (recoil+poison+cone).

Simple, clean and tastes of powers being thrown around.

That should mean release is coming up for the sorcery book too!

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