Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Counters and cover

Hey Dredlings,

First up, let me just shoot a big thank you out to all those who have applied for beta testing- you will receive a link in your email when beta 3.0 is ready!  I have had a flood, but am getting through them all- so be patient!

So an nice exciting blog episode.  I wanted to post up thoughts and feelings as the game went along so that other designers can get something from the process, (mainly how damned huge the task is of putting a game together) but I realise most of you come to the blog just for updates on when the game will be out and other cool stuff.  So, this ones for you!

Firstly, counters for beta 3.0 are now up!

Download them here. (4,101kb)

This has 4 sheets that include fold over counters, rulers and templates!  I recommend just taking them to a print shop and getting them done up on some thick glossy card- make sure they do not scale to fit, otherwise the templates won't work.  You don't need these to play, but it sure beats keeping notes on scraps of paper.  There will be laser etched acrylic templates and tokens available from the BeDerken site once the game is released.  These are 28mm scale- give me a holler if you would like 15mm!

Ooooh, pretty bits of card!

Next up is some eye candy whilst you wait for the new rules pdf.  Its a second mock up of the Skulldred booklet.  Thought you may like to see how things evolve!

Mock up of core rules booklet
The real book is coming in at round 90 pages give or take, though I am planning on cramming it full of colour pictures and diagrams if I get the chance.  Once I get this round of commission sculpts completed for my clients I can focus on the book- which should give you plenty of time to play the living heck out it!


  1. oh boy! I can't wait! I'm frantically trying to round up terrain and finishing up some warbands so I'm ready to roll when the Beta Arrives!

  2. Yeah my Bederken are chomping at the bit for a bit of 3.0 action!

    Counters and cover art look very pretty!